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Victorinox Breaks The Terabyte Barrier With Their New USB Flash Drive!

Alpha Consumers, we need you!

In just a few days, Victorinox will release one of the coolest products to hit the portable memory market ever.  However, like so many initial product releases, it comes with a pretty hefty price tag.  As a result, many of us will rely upon the fact that Alpha Consumers satisfy the initial demand and absorb the expense of producing the next, less expensive, round of the product.  The cool new product is the Victorinox 1 TB USB/eSATA II flash drive!

Victorinox, most famous for creating and selling the Swiss Army Knife, has been making and selling USB flash drives of a similar style for years.  Incorporated into their trademarked fold-out design that allows you to essentially keep several different tools within a common handle, Victorinox included a USB flash drive to keep the tool relevant in the 21st Century.  Victorinox is pushing the envelope forward now with their 1 TB USB/eSATA II flash drive.

The Victorinox 1 TB USB/eSATA II flash drive is not a typical flash drive.  First, it has incredible capacity unmatched in the flash memory market.  While 1 TB – that is 1,000 GB! – of storage space was a technological inevitability; Victorinox deserves the credit for getting there first.  Like the prior Victorinox flash drives, the 1 TB flash drive features a handle that it folds into and there are a few other tools that come standard on the shared handle.  This, instantly, makes the Victorinox more versatile than virtually any other flash drive on the market.

The versatility of the new Victorinox 1 TB flash drive is not limited to the tools that accompany it.  Instead, the device itself has a few neat tricks up its sleeve.  The Victorinox 1 TB flash drive plugs into any USB port and it is able to run on both USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 for faster data transfers.  As well, this flash drive includes eSATA II interfacing capabilities.  The eSATA II interface allows this flash drive to connect directly to an eSATA II hard drive or directly to a motherboard that has an eSATA II pin connector!  This means that if your hard drive is corrupted, you can remove it and place the Victorinox 1 TB flash drive in its place for a direct interface to your computer!  This provides a level of data backup that is unparalleled and can insulate you from most all data storage risks!

At $3000, the Victorinox 1 TB flash drive is out of the price range of all but the Alpha Consumers at this point, but hopefully, they will buy the 1 TB flash drives so the price comes down for the rest of us!


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