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The Chargepod Helps You Manage Up To Six Devices!

With so many consumer electronics devices on the market, it is hard to find enough space to store all your gadgets, much less charge them all!  While technological growth has expanded incredibly fast over the past decade, housing requirements have not; the standards for the spacing and number of electrical devices in new buildings have not adjusted for the sheer volume of devices one might plug in these days.  Fortunately, for the tech savvy consumer who has a lot they need to recharge, there is the Chargepod.

The Chargepod is a small electronic device from Callpod, a manufacturer of mobile accessories.  The Chargepod is a hub, a central nexus to which you may connect up to six electronic devices.  Unlike many hubs, which you use to share data between devices, the Chargepod shares electricity.  The Chargepod is a flexible portable device that helps you eliminate the fuss and tangle of multiple cords for your portable devices.  This makes the Chargepod ideal for both tech savvy travelers and families that travel with numerous electronic devices.

At only a few inches in diameter, the disc-shaped Chargepod is very convenient to transport.  When you get to a place where you have the ability to recharge your electronics, simply pull out the Chargepod disc and plug it into the wall.  The ports on the Chargepod are evenly spaced on the outer edge of the disc, which allows you to connect up to six devices around the Chargepod.

The real versatility of the Chargepod comes from the adapters that connect to it.  The Chargepod is not designed for a single brand or device, so at each connection port on the Chargepod, there are several options for what you want to recharge.  The Chargepod comes with three adapters and a voucher to get a fourth adapter based on your personal needs.  All of the adapters that the Callpod produces feature a standard male end.  That male end is universal to the Chargepod and fits in any of the six female ports around the disc.  The other end of each adapter is what makes the Chargepod truly special!  Callpod makes virtually every type of adapter for almost every imaginable electronic device.  From standard USB jacks to Apple iPod jacks to micro HDMI, you may swap out the Chargepod’s adapters to allow you to charge almost any Bluetooth device, smartphone, cellphone, tablet computer or Apple device!

Sometimes, having a lot of great electronic gadgets can lead to all sorts of clutter.  With the Chargepod, you can eliminate clutter and recharge all of your gadgets securely and easily!


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