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A Bold New Charger, The Powertrekk Is Very Cool!

In the rapidly-changing world of consumer electronics, there is one undeniable fact: without power, your gadget is worthless.  It’s true.  No matter how fast your smartphone, tablet computer, e-reader, laptop computer or PC is, when it’s out of juice, it’s just an expensive decoration or fashion accessory!  While virtually every major company is in a race to create better batteries, one company is preoccupied with making a better charger.  That company is the Swedish company myFC.  The breakout product for myFC is the Powertrekk fuel cell charger.

The Powertrekk fuel cell charger represents a significant leap forward in recharging technology and myFC deserves a lot of credit for pioneering the technology.  Just as creating gold from another element is the alchemist’s dream, the holy grail for power supply generation is the ability to use water to generate electricity.  MyFC now offers a hydrogen cell charger that powers USB devices simply by adding water to the cell.  You may use the Powertrekk fuel cell charger to recharge electronic devices or power them.  The Powertrekk fuel cell charger can keep a smartphone like the iPhone powered for days, regardless of the weather.  That makes the Powertrekk fuel charger an asset to those who want to use renewable energy sources, but cannot depend upon the sun.

The Powertrekk fuel cell charger is very easy to use.  After putting the mini power packs (called Pukks) into the main body of the charger, you simply fill the Powertrekk fuel cell charger with water.  The plastic device – that looks like an oversized jelly bean – extracts oxygen from the air around it.  Using the power pack, oxygen, and the water in the Powertrekk, the Powertrekk generates electricity.  By attaching any USB connector from the Powertrekk to your electronic device, you may recharge or power your electronic device!

After years of research and development with hydrogen cells, myFC developed a patented new technology that ensures the Powertrekk fuel cell charger is not only reliable, but operates safely as well.  With its thick, durable, plastic shell, the Powertrekk fuel cell is as safe as the batteries within your electronic device.  The solid exterior can sustain a lot of jostling and even limited drops, which protects your investment in the Powertrekk.  At this time, the Powertrekk is available as a stylish black charger with neon green, yellow or orange accents.

With an incredibly simple-to-use interface and a reliable output, the Powertrekk fuel cell charger can allow you to get away, while still keeping your portable electronic devices charged and usable!


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