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Rescuecom Releases Top 5 Tips for Mobile Device Security

Rescuecom Releases 5 Tips for Mobile Device Security

SYRACUSE, N.Y., August 9, 2010 – Mobile devices are extremely popular, but also extremely vulnerable.   Internet security is no longer just a concern at home or the office, and phone data recovery is more than a solution for users.  To help you understand the issues of Internet security and phone data recovery for your mobile devices, RESCUECOM offers these 5 tips.    

•1.) Internet Security is a Mobile Issue – Most of us have Internet security measures in place on our home computers, but what about on our mobile devices?  Most mobile devices have fewer Internet security defenses by default, making them a popular target for hackers.  Take full advantage of all Internet security options available to you, and treat your mobile device as what it is – another computer.

•2.) Phone Data Recovery is More Than a Solution – To most of us, phone data recovery is something to seek out in the event of lost or corrupted data.  However, phone data recovery has become much more than that.  The results of phone data recovery efforts often feature prominently in civil and criminal trials.  GPS location data, browser history, emails and text messages, and photos saved to mobile devices can all be used as evidence. 

•3.) Criminals Take Advantage – If law enforcement and lawyers can access your information through phone data recovery, hackers can as well.  With fewer Internet security measures between them and your data, criminals often engage in some phone data recovery of their own.  They take advantage of your lack of Internet security to access virtually anything stored on your mobile device.  This sort of illegal phone data recovery can easily lead to identity theft. 

•4.) Be Selective – The very things that make mobile devices so attractive – mobile Internet, email, social networking, games, and apps – are the same things criminals can use to compromise your Internet security.   Many popular apps contain code allowing them to access user location data or other information.  Without proper Internet security, criminals can easily compromise your phone and gain access to stored passwords, contacts lists, and more.  Being selective about what you install and store on your device offers you the best level of protection.

•5.) Guard Your Device – For all the high tech Internet security and phone data recovery threats to your mobile device, there remains one serious old fashioned threat: theft.  Mobile devices are small and easy to snatch.  Always keep your device with you and protect yourself by utilizing a password and data encryption to keep your data safe even if your device is lost or stolen. 

To best protect your mobile device against Internet security and phone data recovery threats, guard your device, be careful what you install and store on it, and employ all the Internet security options available to you.


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