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Managing Global Operations For CBS Interactive, Tom Jones Is Very Cool!

The tech sector is, in many ways, the final frontier for driven individuals who have innate talent and simply need an outlet for it.  On the production end, having a great idea and learning to program it can make you the next Mark Zuckerberg or Martin Kleppmann.  On the business side of the tech sector, many companies reward experience and success over formal education.  Tom Jones is an executive who is proof that experience, charisma, and consistent success may be more of a commodity in the tech sector than a formal degree.


Tom Jones, not the world famous entertainer, is the Vice President of Global Operations for CBS Interactive.  In that role, he is focused on the CNET Content Solutions channel, which boasts being the dominant consolidated source of product information in the world.  Consumers use the CNET Content Solutions channel to learn all they can about products before they make their purchases and Tom Jones is responsible for keeping the site useful all around the world to ensure both customer satisfaction and the needs of corporate clients are maintained.


After attending the University of Alabama at Birmingham for a year, Tom Jones became disenchanted with the process.  Eager to start working instead of studying the processes, Jones left the University of Alabama at Birmingham and joined the small tech company, A+ Micro.  Jones began working at A+ Micro as a Sales & Operations Manager.  On the operations end, Tom Jones gained firsthand experience as a network engineer and over the four and a half years he serves A+ Micro in that capacity, he built, repaired, and upgraded computers constantly.  For the sales portion of his job, Tom Jones sold all manner of computer products from hardware to software to networking packages A+ Micro offered.


Tom Jones’s accomplishments did not go unnoticed by the executives at A+ Micro.  In January of 1995, they promoted Jones to Vice President of the company!  In that role, Tom Jones was responsible for the entire operations and sales from the company and he also had responsibility over the corporate training center for the company.  For the almost six years that followed, Tom Jones effectively ran A+ Micro and began managing QuoteDesk Software as well.


After more than a decade of working his way up at A+ Micro, in November 2000, Tom Jones went to work for CNET and he has remained there.  After starting as a Senior Manager of National Sales And Service, Tom Jones advanced to Director of Global Customer Service after two years.  In September of 2006, Jones was promoted again to Vice President of Customer Operations and Solutions.  Now Jones works more directly for CNET’s parent company, CBS Interactive, but he continues to promote CNET Content Solutions around the world.


Tom Jones continues to illustrate that there is still a place in the world for people who are smart and talented and eager to do instead of study the principles behind success.



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