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Hear Your Music Like The Artists Intended With The iOnly Bass Docking System!

Virtually every musical artist will tell you that when they created their music, they did not format it in such a way that the ideal presentation would come from a pair of ear buds.  Most musicians create music that resonates in the open air or rattles the wall from the depth of sound it produces.  An entire generation is being raised on digital music players where the priority is portability, not sound quality.  But that generation is not lost yet; many manufactures are producing docking systems that allow you to play music from your portable music devices over a more sophisticated speaker system than the native ones.  For fans of Apple portable music and computing devices, there is the iOnly Bass Docking System.


The iOnly Bass Docking System, product number SBX-300 in the Onkyo catalog, is a docking system designed exclusively for Apple portable devices.  Manufactured under the guidance of Apple in order to earn the “Made for iPod, iPhone, iPad” certification, the iOnly Bass Docking System is a stylish way to listen to the music stored on your iPod.  Compatible with the iPod Touch, Classic, and Nano, iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, and 4, and the iPad and iPad 2, the iOnly Bass Docking System is easy to use and provides you with a higher-quality presentation than any of those devices on their own.


Utilizing full-range, magnetically-shielded speakers, the iOnly Bass Docking System has two separate speaker enclosures to provide true, rich, stereo sound.  True to its name, the iOnly Bass Docking System also features Bass-Reflex technology that allows you to adjust the bass to present a deeper super bass tone.  If your iPod or iPhone has a significant library of rap or hip hop music on it, the iOnly Bass Docking System can transform the way you listen to it.


The iOnly Bass Docking System also has digital amplifier circuitry, which cleans up the tracks as they play.  With a 76 decibel signal-to-noise ratio, the iOnly Bass Docking System provides you with a clearer sound, even as you turn the volume up (which is when distortion is more likely to occur).  The dust-free digital dock insures that your iPod or iPad seats properly and there are no physical impediments to a clean transmission of your music.


While the iOnly Bass Docking System is intended to be a stable, performance-oriented docking station for your portable musical device, it is also fairly portable in its own right.  Weighing less than eight pounds, the iOnly Bass Docking System can travel with you anywhere, though it does require power through a standard AC cord.  The iOnly Bass Docking System has a stylish brushed aluminum handle that makes taking the docking system with you easy.


For better sound from your Apple mobile device, the iOnly Bass Docking System delivers!



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