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From Leading Acer To Guiding Lenovo, Gianfranco Lanci Is Changing The PC Market!

In business, especially within the tech sector, conflicting philosophies or management styles do not necessarily spell the end of one’s career.  Because companies have different goals, priorities, and resources, what seems audacious or against the majority at one company may be exactly what another business is looking for.  For Gianfranco Lanci, the philosophies that make him popular at Lenovo are the same ideals for which he was rejected by Acer!

Gianfranco Lanci now serves Lenovo as a Senior Vice President and EMEA President.  While Lanci has only held those positions for a short time, Lenovo has high hopes for him.  He was hired to the executive positions following a year of consulting for Lenovo.  Lenovo valued Gianfranco Lanci’s experience as he began consulting for Lenovo after resigning from his position at one of Lenovo’s chief competitors, Acer.

In 1997, Gianfranco Lanci joined Acer when Acer bought out Texas Instruments’ notebook computer division.  Lanci started as Managing Director of Acer Italy, a position he held for only three years.  In 2000, Gianfranco Lanci was promoted to President of Acer Europe and two years later, Acer promoted him again to President of EMEA.  His rise with the company was exceptionally fast, especially following his leadership that led to Acer achieving dominance in the PC player market throughout the European Union!  With that success under his belt, he was promoted to President of Acer in 2005 and later added the position of CEO!  In his dual role as President and CEO of Acer, Gianfranco Lanci guided Acer to the third best-selling PC company in the world.

Gianfranco Lanci split with the Acer Board of Directors in 2010 and in early 2011, he resigned from the company.  Fundamentally, the conflict between Lanci and the Board was over how Acer might continue to grow.  Lanci fundamentally believes in doing a limited number of things exceptionally well, whereas the Acer Board wanted to branch out to compete against Apple in emerging markets, notably mobile computing products.  Gianfranco Lanci’s focus on helping companies dominate in the personal computer market fits Lenovo’s philosophy just fine; the company hired Lanci initially to consult on how they might become the number one PC manufacturer in the world.

Prior to working for Acer, Gianfranco Lanci held many executive roles for Texas Instruments, ranging from Country Manager in Italy for the Printers and Portable Computers Division to President of Productivity Products in Europe.  A graduate of the Politechnico of Turin with a degree in Civil Engineering, Gianfranco Lanci has rapidly become one of the most powerful men in the personal computer industry.  No doubt, he will help Lenovo achieve its goals!


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