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Connecting The World, Craig Lurey Co-Founded Callpod!

It does not take long, when shopping for new technological gadgets, to realize that every major manufacturer of tech has a different way of connecting, recharging, powering or operating their devices to make them distinctive.  For those who do not want to ally themselves to a single corporate standard and would like to buy gadgets from a wide range of manufacturers, they either end up spending a lot of time figuring out how to maintain each of their devices or they end up spending a lot of money to be able to recharge and synch all of their devices simultaneously.  Callpod, the makers of the ChargePod, FuelTank, and other connectivity devices, saw that problem and has been steadily working to make the lives of consumers much easier.  A lot of the credit for Callpod’s success comes from Craig Lurey.


Craig Lurey is the Co-Founder of Callpod.  Started with his business partner of more than ten years, Darren Guccione, Craig Lurey continues to serve Callpod as the Chief Technology Officer.  Lurey oversees the developments of all of the tech, while Guccione focuses on the business end of Callpod.  Craig Lurey is responsible for evaluating all new technology as it comes to market in the fields of smartphones, tablet computers, PDAs, laptop computers, e-readers, and other portable devices, and he develops the connectors which will allow new products to interact with the most popular synching, powering, and recharging devices that Callpod makes.  One of Craig Lurey’s passions is for developing better power supplies than the ones native to most mobile devices.  It was that passion that led him to develop the FuelTank for Callpod!


For his formal education, Craig Lurey studied at Iowa State University.  He graduated from there with a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and did not pursue further classroom education.  Instead, Lurey immediately began to apply his electrical engineering knowledge as we went to Motorola to work as a software engineer.  At Motorola, Craig Lurey became intimately familiar with firmware and cellular phone operations.


In 1998, Craig Lurey created his own software platform under the aegis Apollo Solutions.  The software Lurey wrote was an automation program that garnered the attention of CNET Networks, which bought Apollo Solutions!  Following the buyout of Apollo Solutions, Craig Lurey went to work for JiWire as their Chief Technology Officer.  Eager to engineer his own products, Craig Lurey and Darren Guccione found their niche with Callpod in 2001.


Craig Lurey continues to keep Callpod and its products relevant to make your new gadgets easier to use.



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