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PanOpen Uses OERs to Improve Education

One of the things that has naturally resulted from the increasing accessibility of information and the removal of limitations on its access is the proliferation of open educational resources, or OERs. This includes any text, media, or other digital assets that are freely accessible and openly licensed for the purposes of teaching, learning, and research. OERs are the foundation of an education startup called panOpen, which seeks to, in its founders own words, promote their widespread adoption in education. While there is plenty of information available openly on sites like Wikipedia, it can be a lot to sift through and many people end up searching blindly or without direction. The other options include textbooks, which can be costly for students are many of which receive updated information that makes older versions nearly useless. PanOpen provides a platform for the reception of information gathered by professionals and focused on specific studies at a dramatically reduced cost. Read more »

Soccermetrics is Advanced Tech for Soccer Clubs and Players

Plenty of apps, analytics software, and similar services exist with the goal of better understanding and applying sports statistics to improve teams and how they play. Now, an app called Soccermetrics soccer data and analytics exists to mathematically ponder and solve problems in statistics that can apply toward a better understanding of soccer as a whole. Its main intent is, according to its creators, to advance the state of the art in applying math, science, and data to soccer. Soccer has been the last of the major sports to witness a data revolution despite advancing technology for technical and cultural reasons, and Soccermetrics is available to aid media organizations, teams, software developers, and leagues. The main difference between this app and other analytics software and apps is the complete dedication to soccer alone as well as its technical complexity. Read more »

Jobaline Matches Hourly Workers and Companies via Tech

The majority of workers in the U.S. receive hourly pay working as servers, baristas, salespeople, janitors, and many other such jobs. Unfortunately, even with websites and services like Craigslist, Facebook, and traditional job boards, businesses can have difficulty finding reliable hourly workers, and that very problem is one that a startup called Jobaline aims to fix. It does so by taking over where these other methods end. There is also a difficulty that can exist with language barriers, especially considering the number of Spanish-speaking people employed hourly in the U.S., and that is one of the major focuses of Jobaline’s service as well. Read more »

What is Ransomware and how do I Recover from It?

Using the Internet safely may seem like a simple thing, but many have discovered that this is not always the case. Almost everyone knows about the dangers of malware, spyware, and viruses, but there is one Internet threat on the rise that can be extremely difficult for technical services to deal with called “Ransomware.” Read more »

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop is Worth Consideration

As one of the top tech companies in the world, people hold Microsoft to lofty expectations, and rightly so. Microsoft has long been on the leading edge of the tech revolution, designing, developing, and releasing some of the best and most-used software and hardware on the market. Late last year, Microsoft fans were finally treated to something for which they had been waiting a long time: the first ever Surface laptop. After focusing on making unusual products and unique concepts, such as kickstand tablets and detachable 2-in-1 tablet / laptop hybrids, it was time for Microsoft to focus simply on making a no-gimmicks top of the line laptop, and it succeeded with the Surface laptop. Ultimately, it is a laptop with enough power to run all your apps and programs, but light and thin enough to carry around. It also has a high-resolution display and a good keyboard, and it comes at a reasonable price. Read more »

Feathr Improves Event Organization

When it comes to online marketing, the event industry seems to be falling behind. In fact, there are many opportunities to digitally engage potential event audiences of which organizers and coordinators are not taking advantage. That is the reason Feathr exists and, while there are some solutions and competitors on the market, none offer the same functionality or ease of use. While it is wise to utilize an online audience and web traffic, most event planners in small or medium-sized teams simply do not have the time, skills, or patience to master digital marketing. Beyond that, hiring a data analyst could be well outside of such a group’s budget. Feathr is an event-specific digital marketing suite that works entirely in the cloud, doing the difficult work that provides event managers with the best means of converting digital leads into sales and offering more to the sponsors and exhibitors that make events happen. Read more »

Trace is an Advancement in Action Sports

A major trend in sports with the development of wearable devices is using them to monitor and track performance. Unfortunately for some, most of the wearable and accompanying apps developed have been focused on running and other cardio areas, but a device called Trace is bringing it to action sports in a yet unseen way. Trace provides skiers, snowboarders, surfers and others in action or extreme sports with real-time data to help them monitor, improve, and collect video of their activities. Simply put, Trace geotags and records your skiing, snowboarding or surfing activity, then organizes the data gathered so you can compare your own stats with your past stats as well as those of other Trace users and your friends. That is a gross oversimplification of what this waterproof, puck-shaped device that is small enough to hold in your hand and sticks directly to your board can do, however. Read more »

TalkLocal is a Better Way to Connect Consumers and Pros

When you need professional help, there are several different way to go about getting it. You can begin checking online or calling numbers until you can find a business or professional who can help and hope that they will perform the desired service satisfactorily. You can rely on recommendations or check Craigslist and local forums as well, but there are many risks involved. Fortunately, TalkLocal is, in its creators’ words, a faster, less frustrating way to get immediate help with everyday challenges. Whether you need a plumber, a contractor, a vet, accounting help, or just about any other service imaginable, TalkLocal is a better way to get it. It is also better for the professionals offering these services, connecting their businesses to the consumers searching for them more quickly and easily than ever before. Read more »

Pagedip is the Latest Advancement in E-Readers

One of reading’s major innovations was the inclusion of footnotes, authors’ notes, and the like. E-readers have further innovated reading far beyond that, and some even allow you to highlight words, phrases, or passages and more, but a startup called Pagedip goes far beyond to innovate the reading experience more than ever before. In fact, its creators claim that it will fundamentally change the way people read, and it is not difficult to see why. Its software lets e-book authors, who can easily create and develop works from a simple user interface, add corresponding content into their books using links called Binks to dramatically enhance the reading experience. Essentially, Pagedip allows you to view anything for which you might desire to search the web while reading a book directly into the story itself, which can include historical bios, photos, maps, or anything else that might pique one’s interest while reading. Read more »

Jive Voice is Better Voice Conferencing

Conference calling was once a novelty in business, and it has continued to develop as a trusted means of discussing team projects, talking to partners overseas, and more. Collaboration drives growth, and communication is key. Developing technologies mean better ways to do everything, and that includes voice conferencing. The cloud is the latest in technological innovation, and now Jive Voice offers the latest in conference calling: a cloud-based phone system. It gives businesses a professional edge by offering features not available in traditional voice conferencing systems to enable better communication. Read more »

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