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Jobaline Matches Hourly Workers and Companies via Tech

The majority of workers in the U.S. receive hourly pay working as servers, baristas, salespeople, janitors, and many other such jobs. Unfortunately, even with websites and services like Craigslist, Facebook, and traditional job boards, businesses can have difficulty finding reliable hourly workers, and that very problem is one that a startup called Jobaline aims to fix. It does so by taking over where these other methods end. There is also a difficulty that can exist with language barriers, especially considering the number of Spanish-speaking people employed hourly in the U.S., and that is one of the major focuses of Jobaline’s service as well.

Jobaline’s creators bill it as bilingual jobs marketplace that, featuring tech support for any PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, makes it easy for millions of hourly workers to find and complete job applications anytime, wherever they may be. It also allows for applications via text and stores applications as well as pertinent information in the cloud. Jobaline’s developers even claim that it can help recruiters find five times as many qualified applicants in half the time compared to other job sites and similar platforms. It does this by taking advantage specifically of mobile technology, now more popular than accessing the Internet on a PC.

While it is possible, not to mention easy, to access Jobaline through a laptop or desktop, users will want quick and effective mobile computer support available should they want to take advantage using their smartphones. One thing unique about Jobaline is that there is no is no registration or uploading of a resume required. Instead, users complete the application process via phone. They can log in on a PC and apply for a job if they desire, but ultimately the final application is via smartphone, and this is for the very reason that makes Jobaline successful.

Jobaline utilizes proprietary software to sort applications and applicants. This impressive software matches job seekers with companies by combining freely provided information such as contact data, employment history or specific skills with observed information like location, voice inflection, pitch and tone, and the ability to follow instructions and timeliness. It then transforms both sets of information into an employee file, with all of these dimensions captured and organized for the potential employer to view. Thus, more qualified candidates are matched more effectively to the jobs for which they are most fit. With such advanced technology and techniques, it is apparent that Jobaline is a better job site for hourly workers.

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