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Spredfast is Better Social Media Marketing

One of the most common challenges in marketing, even in the age of social media, is turning data into something upon which a business can act to improve and continue drawing customers. There are plenty of tools that provide businesses with customer data, and some that take specific information pertinent to an individual business and make it usable. A startup called Spredfast goes beyond that in many ways with more comprehensive social media marketing and action. Read more »

Scoutmob Offers Many Services in One App

Many people find themselves browsing dozens of sites for discounts, when they want to find a good local spot to eat, or they want to support local small businesses. The more tech-savvy use apps, but they end up utilizing several for all of these purposes. Scoutmob is an app that can change all of that completely. It combines the benefits of services like Yelp, Groupon, and Etsy into one easy-to-use app that allows you to get great deals on food, support local businesses and makers, buy hand-made and eat local, and search reviews (as well as leave your own). Read more »

The Virtuix Omni is Next-Generation Technology

Conceptually, Virtual Reality has been a long time coming.  While several major tech brands attempted in the 1980s, it was never particularly successful, and has thus remained in development until such time as it became practically usable.  That time is now, and a startup called Virtuix has added an element that goes beyond a headset. With just the software and a headset such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, you can potentially walk around a virtual world, but how to handle movement has been a challenge.  Conventional control methods such as gamepads, mouse and keyboard, or headsets work as well as ever, they do hinder the possibility of total immersion in virtual worlds promised by developers. While some have attempted to allow users to game virtually, moving in-game while sitting in a chair, it has caused motion sickness with far too many people.  Creators of the Virtuix Omni hope that their device will be the solution to this problem. Read more »

Hobbydb is a Superb Resource for Collectible Lovers

While most are looking for the next great gadget, more and more people concerned only for the next advancement in technology, there is still a large market for nostalgia.  This is the reason that Hobbydb exists, specifically serving those who are just as interested in collectibles as the next big thing. It is a website that serves, essentially, as a hobby and collectibles database, but it is much more than merely an Internet-powered catalog of old toys.  There is still a large market for collectible items, and this includes a diversity of things in over a dozen categories.  Other than serving as a place online to find these items, some of which are quite rare, it serves as a community for collectors while allowing its users to grow it as a resource for others with their own contributions.  There are some other unique things that set it apart as well, even beyond adding to the database and connecting with other like-minded people. Read more »

Retrofit is a Next-Level Fitness Solution

Fitness is a goal that many people pursue yearly, and there have been countless books, videos, diets, classes, and theories as to the best ways to lose weight.  Weight loss is a massive business with many different companies and people offering many different solutions. It is no surprise that fitness has been the focus of tech startups, many offering plans and programs first online and now available via smartphone apps of all kinds.  Retrofit is a tech startup for those pursuing weight loss goals with an available app that seeks to combine all the most effective elements of various fitness plans in one place for users to access anytime, wherever they may be.  More than just an app for individual personal enrichment, it includes solutions for employers to curb workplace obesity and includes social aspects as well. Read more »

Memrise Adds Fun to Learning Language

While there are a multitude of language-learning websites and apps available, companies are constantly adding new innovations and integrating developing software to either improve existing ones or create better ones altogether. One startup dedicated to helping users develop language-learning skills is Memrise, which takes a somewhat less rigidly academic approach, so much so that its developers claim it “makes learning languages and vocab so full of joy and life that you’ll laugh out loud.” That is certainly a lofty claim for a learning app, but it seeks to do this in several ways. Read more »

Nvite Makes Event Ticketing Easier than Ever

The event ticketing experience has understandably undergone many changes as technology has improved.  Most people now purchase tickets online either directly from a venue or through a second-party site, often on mobile device as well as PCs. For event organizers, the cost and effort of creating a site for ticket sales or hiring someone to do so typically result in a lackluster look. Not only that, but there is little one can do to encourage ticket sales, respond to potential customers, or know how well tickets are selling and to whom.  To that end, a startup called Nvite exists to make the entire process more involved, interactive, and engaging while making it even easier to work through. Not only that, but it increases customer involvement in unprecedented way while adding something of a social element through community hubs and event pages. Read more »

Finding a Roommate is Quick, Easy, and Safe with Roomi

Anyone who has ever lived in or moved to a big city understands the difficulties of not only finding a place to live, but the right people to live with in order to ensure that their new living experience will be peaceful, safe, and enjoyable. Thankfully, now there is Roomi, an app that matches roommates based on housing needs and personality. The app works for those who need to find someone who can move in and split rent as well as those moving to a city who need a new place to live. Anyone with an available space can list it on Roomi, but anyone who does must undergo a full assessment and verification before doing so. With the ability to view photos and learn a potential roommates’ like and dislikes as well as his or her personality, some have referred to Roomi as “Tinder for roommates.” Read more »

EverQuote Makes Buying Auto, Life, and Health Insurance Easier

EverQuote provides a platform for consumers to compare insurance quotes from all the major insurance companies for Auto, Life and Health insurance. EverQuote understands that their clients are on budgets and have busy lives. Who has the time to enter their information from insurance website to insurance website to find the best price? It is easy to become complacent when you already have an auto, life and health insurance policy. Read more »

SparkGig Streamlines the Search for Talent

Booking the perfect entertainment can be one of the main challenges of a child’s birthday party, a house party, a corporate event, a wedding, or any one of numerous kinds of events. Conversely, an artist or performer may be extremely gifted and simply not have the exposure or name recognition to book a gig. Fortunately for everyone involved, now there is a startup called SparkGig that helps all of this come together. Essentially, SparkGig is a platform that allows users to book talent based upon review systems and the type of event while giving people with special skills a way to utilize them and receive payment for it. In doing so, the startup ensures the best match between the host, his or her guests, and the performer. Read more »

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