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The Birth of the Tablet is Not the Death of the Laptop

What is the one major problem with tablets? If you answered with something similar to “They do not have keyboards,” then you are among the majority of frustrated tablet and touch screen smartphone owners. Tablets are great; they are portable, lightweight, easy to use, and great for working outside the home or office. Tablets are the hot new item over the last two years and many people would love to be able to discard their laptop in favor of their new tablet.

There is just one problem with replacing laptops with tablets and it is a huge problem for users. The lack of an actual keyboard makes typing on a tablet a hassle. Typing on the virtual, onscreen keyboard is slow, imprecise, and awkward. The angle for holding your wrists and arms is completely wrong, and there is also the problem of trying to hold the tablet and type with both hands at the same time.

Tablet and smartphone manufacturers are aware of this mobile computer support problem and are trying to come up with a feasible solution. Ultrabooks are not really the solution, as they are still a type of laptop not a tablet. Many companies have some kind of flexible keyboard that can be added onto the tablet screen, over the virtual keyboard, to help make typing easier and faster. These add-on keyboards do not really satisfy most customers because they still cover half the screen and the problem of holding the tablet does not go away.

One new solution to this frustrating problem is the Celluon Prodigy. The Prodigy is essentially a case that projects a laser keyboard onto any table-like surface. The case also acts as a stand and adds additional battery life to your device. It therefore solves the holding problem and the keyboard angle problem. The keyboard will work on any hard surface other than one made of glass because the glass would refract the lasers.

The projected keyboard is full-sized and works very well as long as you do not drag your fingers. This should not be a problem for anyone who has used a virtual keyboard in the past. The only other problem with the Prodigy is the price tag. It will sell for about $225. That is a hefty price, but that may be worth it to people who simply cannot get used to using the virtual keyboard already on their device.

For the time being, it seems that tablets cannot permanently take the place of our laptops, despite manufacturers’ attempts at providing keyboard alternatives. When they solve the ease of typing problem, however, we may see the slow and gradual death of laptops just as we are currently witnessing the death of the desktop.


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