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Helping To Design GoldRun, Tiffany Grace Ng Blends Virtual And Real Worlds!

Good ideas are only executed as viable business endeavors when the founder of a start-up assembles a team that can make that vision become a reality.  Recently, Vivian Rosenthal won a Next Generation Award for being one of the top five female leaders in the tech industry as honored by L’Oreal.  Rosenthal won her award for founding and managing GoldRun, a website that allows users to place images of real world people and objects into a digital setting based on GPS technology.  The ambitious project has allowed users and advertisers to interact in exciting new ways.  Rosenthal’s vision created GoldRun, but people like Tiffany Grace Ng built and maintain it! Read more »

Want A Professional-Looking Garden? GardenSoft’s GardenWorks Can Help!

Computers truly have become integrated in virtually every aspect of life and work in the United States. Those who used to go outside to get away from electronics, experience something primal, or just wanted to enjoy an outdoor hobby, are now finding technology is inescapable.  Between the psychological pull to check your social networks and the ability to keep in touch at all times using hands free devices like Bluetooth headsets, there is a constant pressure to use all the gadgets you own constantly.  Not all of technology’s incursions into outdoor life are bad, though.  There is a great deal of home improvement software and landscaping software that can actually make your outdoor projects much easier.  To make your garden look beautiful and professional, there is the GardenWorks software as well! Read more »

The Most Discrete Wireless Keyboard Yet: The Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad!

There are a surprising number of variations to keyboards that have made for exciting news among fans of new technologies in recent years.  While the fundamentals of the keyboard have remained solid – most notably the standard QWERTY style for the majority of keyboards even today – there have been some exciting changes to the form of the keyboard, from ergonomically-correct keyboards that reduce strain on the fingers and arms to virtual keyboards that allow you to type on any surface.  But one of the exciting new keyboard designs augments your computer or mobile computing device in a way that may provide you a more seamless user experience between your many computing devices.  That keyboard is the Hawking Technology Wireless Multimedia Control Pad. Read more »

Real Security For Your Android-Driven Device: Reliaty55!

Security is a concern in the tech sector that only continues to grow.  The growth of security services pertaining to computers, smartphones and mobile computing devices is not a reflection on the industry’s unwillingness to adapt; technology continues to change at such a fast rate and hackers continue to adapt as well, necessitating an almost-constant development of new security-related products and services.  While many computers have been protected by the most robust anti-viral software ever created, as hackers take on smartphones and mobile computing devices, many of the major software developers have been slow to react.  Instead, consumers are discovering the benefits of mobile computing protection software, like Reliaty55. Read more »

Netflix Stock Bounces

Summer seems to be doing good things for some troubled, but popular, Internet businesses.  Facebook, whose stock had been dropping pretty steadily since its IPO, not only leveled off, but has begun a rebound.  In the streaming media market, Netflix, whose stock has had an almost year-long decline, bottomed out on June 1 at $60.70/share.  Since then, however, Netflix investors have had a lot to cheer about and their investment has been bouncing back in the right direction. Read more »

Guiding Google . . . And Many Other Companies, Ann Mather Is Very Cool!

There are very few boardrooms in the tech sector that can boast about gender diversity.  One of the notable exceptions to the disappointing trend that has women kept from managing or directing many of the top companies in the world is Google.  Google has three women who serve on its ten-person Board of Directors and with 30% female direction, Google represents one of the most gender-integrated Boards in the tech sector!  Ann Mather was one of the earliest members of the Google Board of Directors and far more than a diversity hire, Mather represents one of the most active presences in the business world today! Read more »

Are Smartphones Killing Legitimate Media?

Since the founding of the United States, one of the fundamental freedoms of the nation has been Freedom of the Press.  Made possible by Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press was intended to keep the citizenry educated and informed, the theory being that such measures could prevent tyranny.  It is a great theory.  However, over the years, political machinations (yellow journalism), business interests (media consolidation) and sloth have weakened the Fourth Estate of the United States.  The final blow to Freedom of the Press may well come from the tech sector as the tech sector is currently eroding some of the last definitive standards of the mainstream press. Read more »

Make Your Teleconference Into An Event With The Polycom Unified Conference Station!

For many people, the idea of teleconferencing was a novelty idea in television shows like Star Trek and Mission: Impossible!  In one of the most pragmatic translations of science fiction into technological fact, communicating virtually instantaneously using both visual images and an audio transmission is now a reality.  One of the coolest pieces of hardware that makes this possible is the Polycom Unified Conference Station. Read more »

Keeping The Tech Sector Staffed, Raquel Atkinson Is Very Cool!

Despite the current recession, the tech sector continues to have a strong need for professionals.  Start-ups, especially, need highly-skilled, technical minded employees in order to translate the Founders’ vision into an actual product.  However, the process of hiring good people can be a time consuming one and it falls outside the skill set of many people who are focused on hardware, software, coding, and other non-people-related tasks.  As a result, one of the smartest early hires in a start-up can be to hire a brilliant recruiter.  Raquel Atkinson is one such recruiter in the tech sector. Read more »

Leaving The Law For Latin America: Carly Bellis Co-Founded Impaktu!

Talent finds a way of finding its niche; people who are extraordinary seldom remain in positions that could be filled by virtually anyone with similar training.  As a result, it is largely unsurprising when a talented person leaves a good-paying, even prestigious, position to strike out on their own with a vision that is unique.  That is exactly what Carly Bellis did when she co-founded Impaktu. Read more »

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