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Enhance Your Streaming Service With The Roku 2 XS Streaming Player!

If you are going to pay money for a streaming video service, like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu Plus, you might as well invest in the equipment that allows you to get the most out of it.  While some might be content to watch movies and television on their tablet computer or smartphone, those who truly love cinema will want to watch their programs on the best system they own.  For most people, that is a home theater consisting of a high-definition television and a stereo system.  To connect your streaming service to such a system you need either a dedicated computer or a streaming player, like the Roku 2 XS Streaming Player. Read more »

The Real World Disrupts The Idyllic Tech World . . .

Late last year, there was a news story that was anything but real news, despite how the technology and business press covered it: Verizon had outages.  Treated as huge news, because Verizon claims to have the “most reliable network,” Verizon was virtually tarred and feathered for having a few bad days last year, wherein the weather contributed to Verizon services going off-line.  What the sensationalists in the media and business sectors neglected to consider was that Verizon’s claim to be the “most reliable network” did not mean that the service would not fail; it is a claim that their network will fail less than its other major competitors!  Verizon, of course, got service back up and running, but there were weeks of analysis – i.e. how did this failure of service happen, who’s to blame for the failure, etc.  Now, it looks like tech sector enthusiasts are likely to endure a series of similar article. Read more »

Google Play Store Set To Compete Against Amazon And The Apple iTunes Store!

At last week’s Google I/O conference, many new products were introduced, not all of them ready for the marketplace just yet.  Most of the products were very much to be expected from the search giant who now seems to have its hands in everything.  Google, through its Android operating system has become more associated with gadgets in recent years, instead of just being considered an Internet software/search pioneer.  As a result, the fact that the I/O conference was used to generate enthusiasm (and preorders) for new products like Google Glass and Nexus devices was predictable.  What was truly audacious was the way Google declared war on Amazon and the Apple iTunes store by unveiling a new shopping platform: Google Play Store. Read more »

What To Expect From iTunes 11

Apple enthusiasts are, in many ways, an ideal type of customer for a big business.  The culture that surrounds Apple products makes virtually every new product release a resounding success.  There is such enthusiasm for new Apple products that entire websites are devoted to leaking rumors to keep that enthusiasm active and engaged on a daily basis.  Add to that, Apple enthusiasts are very slow to quit on an Apple product or service.  To wit, despite consistently declining customer satisfaction rates with the service, virtually everyone who has an Apple iPad, iPhone, or iPod utilizes iTunes.  To reward Apple customers for years of putting up with a system that has not kept up with its other products, Apple is revamping iTunes. Read more »

RIM Weakens Faster Than Previously Thought, Delays The BlackBerry 10.

While much of the news in the mobile phone industry is usually about mergers and new products, the rise of a new company or the influence of a new technology in smartphones, the days of excitement for the company Research In Motion may be behind them.  Despite having bold plans for the BlackBerry 10 operating system that RIM executives have been promoting as the product that will turn around the company’s cash flow problems, there have been signs that RIM may be too weak to survive until the BlackBerry 10’s release. Read more »

Show Someone You Care With!

As the world moves away from print media and more toward the dominance of digital media, it is unsurprising that more products and services that we used to have printed now are easily available on the Internet.  Already, the rise of e-readers and tablet computers has made a significant impact on how people read and purchase books.  The greeting card industry has been scrambling to use the Internet to remain financially viable.  That might be a hard sell, though; like so many things on the Internet, there are some great free e-card sites.  One of them is Read more »

Josh Emert Is Working To Connect People And Brands Better!

The challenge many advertisers and brands continue to have is connecting with customers, especially new customers, utilizing the Internet.  Many Internet-savvy potential customers already use ad blocking software or, because of the prevalence of ads around the Internet, mentally block out all but the most inspired Internet ads.  With social networking, the challenge of connecting advertisers and potential clients is still one that experts in the industry are figuring out.  Trying to crack the formula to utilize the power of social networking for business purposes is what Josh Emert is involved with now and with GoChime, he may be on the right track! Read more »

When You Have Large, Protected, Data Storage Needs, The V-Trak E-Class Fibre Channel Storage System Delivers!

Both businesses and individuals are finding increasing need for versatile data storage options.  Property owners, especially, are finding that having a security system is seldom sufficient; they must have increasingly thorough surveillance records in order for the system to be useful (i.e. in aiding in the identification of interlopers) and insulate owners from lawsuits (i.e. having visual records of events involving accidents and building repairs).  That is why, more than ever, a good security system must be paired with a data storage system that can accommodate large volumes of digital records.  That is where the V-Trak E-Class Fibre Channel Storage System excels. Read more »

Selling The World On RAID Storage Solutions, Suresh Panikar Succeeds!

Getting individuals and corporations to think differently about technology can be a difficult thing.  Many businesses consider the bottom line and Quarterly earnings above all other factors and most consumers are not keen on taking the time for someone to educate them on the full impact of their technological choices.  But education is a key factor in the success of many technology companies, especially when it comes to consumer products.  Attempting to get private consumers to invest in products that they have traditionally associated with business and industry can be a real uphill battle.  Few executives know that like Suresh Panikar. Read more »

Facebook Stock Begins Its Rebound!

In the course of a company’s stock, there is a natural movement; no goes constantly up.  It is perfectly natural for stock values to rise and fall based on any number of a multitude of factors.  Yet, within the last twenty years, there has been an unrealistic expectation that tech sector stocks will go homogenously upward, even though there is ample evidence to prove that the stock market, especially as it pertains to the tech sector, is far more volatile.  Perhaps no tech sector company offered stock with more expectations and more difficulty in recent memory than Facebook. Read more »

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