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Guiding Google . . . And Many Other Companies, Ann Mather Is Very Cool!

There are very few boardrooms in the tech sector that can boast about gender diversity.  One of the notable exceptions to the disappointing trend that has women kept from managing or directing many of the top companies in the world is Google.  Google has three women who serve on its ten-person Board of Directors and with 30% female direction, Google represents one of the most gender-integrated Boards in the tech sector!  Ann Mather was one of the earliest members of the Google Board of Directors and far more than a diversity hire, Mather represents one of the most active presences in the business world today!

Ann Mather serves as a Director for Google, in addition to serving as Chair of the Audit Committee.  That Mather would Chair Google’s Audit Committee makes a great deal of sense as she is a celebrated chartered accountant.

Born in 1960, Ann Mather attended the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.  It was at Cambridge University that Mather earned her Master of Arts degree.  After graduation, she moved to London where she immediately went to work for the prestigious auditing firm KPMG.  Bolstered by her success managing accounts for KPMG, Ann Mather went to work for Paramount Pictures in 1984.  Working as an accountant for Paramount in London, New York, and Amsterdam started Mather on a stint of very successful jobs at movie studios and production companies around the world.  Ann Mather worked for Disney in Europe, the Buena Vista International Theatrical Division, and as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Village Roadshow Pictures.

But perhaps what Ann Mather became most known for, prior to her affiliation with Google, was the job she took in 1999.  In 1999, Ann Mather was named Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and Company Secretary of Pixar Studios.  The computer animation company that was built on successful films like Toy Story relied upon Ann Mather’s guidance and financial direction from 1999 to 2004.

Following her stint with Pixar, Ann Mather became so sought after in the business world and tech sector that she essentially became a professional Director for various Boards.  In addition to serving on the Board of Directors for Google, Ann Mather is currently on the Boards of Directors for Ariat International, Zappos, SmartPak Equine, MGM Holdings (where she is Lead Director!), Glu Mobile, Wine Network, Netflix, Moneygram International and Solazyme!  With so many companies relying upon her guidance, it is clear Ann Mather is one of the most powerful people in business today.


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