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Aphex CEO David Wiener Wants to Make Your Music Sound Better

There has long been an argument about the sound quality of digital music.  Many lament the loss of quality in digital music files due to compression.  However, David Wiener and his company Aphex are working towards eliminating the quality problem with digital music.  Wiener’s company Aphex is an audio company that makes professional audio and recording equipment for musicians.  However, they’ve recently expanded into the consumer digital music space as well. Wiener and his company have released their Audio Xciter App for Android and iOS.  This new app is not just another mobile music player.  It actually incorporates technology that Aphex has used in its professional products to increase the sound quality of all the digital files you play.  Unlike music players that simply play the compressed audio of a standard music file, Aphex’s app allows for high quality playback to improve consumers’ listening experience.  Wiener is a cool person in technology driving his company towards making high quality digital audio available to anyone with a smartphone.  If you need help installing the app or getting it to work, find smartphone tech support for help.

Wiener has worked in the consumer and commercial audio industry for years.  The Aphex CEO previously founded professional audio company SoundTube entertainment before taking the helm at Aphex.  He has a number of audio patents and design awards from his years in the industry as well.  Wiener also played guitar in a number of rock bands growing up.  This is what drove his passion for music and turned him towards the professional audio industry.  With so much experience in professional audio design and engineering, Wiener is the perfect person to help Aphex bring high quality digital audio to the consumer market.

Wiener is also working to break down the barrier between listeners and excellent audio quality in other ways.  Wiener’s company Aphex has also licensed its Xciter technology to Dean Guitars. Aphex has released Xciter branded guitar pedals for higher quality audio output in the past, but this development will let manufacturers like Dean incorporate the technology directly in their instruments with no need for accessories.

Wiener is most certainly a cool person working in audio technology.  If you want to download his company’s Audio Xciter App but are having difficulty, contact tech support for answers.


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