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The Old Is New Again With Native Union’s POP Phone!

Manufacturers of many new devices aim to make them sleek, digital, and surprisingly uniform.  While many consumers, youth especially, eagerly buy up the latest tech, there is a growing consumer movement that makes such purchases less because they love the design and more because it is simply what they are forced to accept.  For many people, the purchase of a new smartphone or tablet computer is made simultaneous to or followed soon after by the purchase of a case or protector.  While the purchase of a protector is obviously about keeping one’s smartphone safe, many people choose their case or protector as a way to differentiate their smartphone from other people’s smartphone.  Accessorizing allows you to express your own personal sense of style.  One of the most eclectic and cool accessories flies very much in the face of manufacturer’s obsession with making technology smaller and button free and that is the POP Phone by Native Union.


The POP Phone is a traditional handset that utilizes the style and design of the old fashion 1950’s telephone handset, yet interfaces with the latest smartphones.  For those who are not impressed by how small smartphones may get and who dislike having the limited distance between the speaker and receiver (not to mention trying to grip the small, flat smartphone – especially for long periods of time), the POP Phone restores the comfort and convenience of a full handset.  For anyone who has tried to balance an iPhone on their shoulder or wedge it between their ear and shoulder while talking, you know how traumatic it can be to drop a smartphone that costs hundreds of dollars; why risk that when you can get a POP Phone to have an easier time with balancing and not risk such a costly device as your smartphone itself?


With thirteen different color options, the POP Phone is a great way to express your personal sense of style while augmenting your smartphone.  The POP Phone is fully compatible with the Apple iPhone and iPad.  In fact, with a VOIP application like Skype, the POP Phone can transform your tablet computer into a telephone.  The POP Phone connects to your smartphone or tablet computer through the standard 3.5mm port – the hole into which you usually plug your headphones.


As well, the POP Phone contains easy-to-use buttons on the handle that make it very easy for you to use Siri if you have an Apple iPhone 4S.  With a touch of the button, Siri knows you are talking to it and responds as it normally would.


While some smartphones and tablet computers may require a splitter or other adapter, Native Union’s website is very helpful with letting you know exactly what adapters your smartphone needs (if any).  The POP Phone makes it very easy to differentiate yourself from other smartphone users and that is very cool indeed!



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