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Sony Tablet S: The Tablet For Those Who Want A Real Alternative To The iPad!

With the iPad dominating the tablet computer market, it is very hard for Apple Computers to claim fiercely individual people as their key demographic any longer.  Such is the price of fame; if you market to the outsiders and your product becomes mainstream, it is virtually impossible to win back the demographic that built or revitalized your company.  As those who value their sense of individuality depart from the Apple brand, they are left to figure out what company’s product will fill the same niche.  The best choice for tablet computers may come from Sony, which is ironic considering how massive a company Sony is.

The Sony Tablet S is the best option for those who want a tablet computer that offers a lot of the computing power and style of an Apple iPad without the expense or issues that accompany the iPad.  Sony Tablet S tablet computers start at the same price as the equivalent iPad, though Sony puts them on sale with greater frequency than Apple discounts the iPad.  The Sony Tablet S is about the same size and weight as an iPad.  The Tablet S features a bright 9.4” (diagonal measurement) touchscreen.

Sony’s Tablet S has a 16 GB storage capacity, though the higher-end Tablet S has 32 GB available storage space.  The Tablet S has an innovative design as it almost appears like a magazine rolled back on itself.  Thus, the thin screen rests on a thin platform.  This design serves two very cool functions.  When the Tablet S is oriented in a landscape orientation for watching movies, surfing the web or composing written works, the rounded, raised top helps reduce neck strain.  When using the touchscreen keyboard in this configuration, the design also reduces finger stress like an ergonomic keyboard would!  When oriented in portrait orientation, the design of the Tablet S makes it very easy to use as an e-reader.  The rounded side is comfortable to the grip, especially when you are holding it that way for long periods of time.

Perhaps the key selling point of the Tablet S is its compatibility with Android smartphones.  As the Android OS has become exceptionally popular, many programmers are using the OS for their new apps.  As an Android-compatible device, the Sony Tablet S has a wide array of apps currently available and many, many more in development.  Because of the stability and popularity of the Android platform, the Tablet S will remain a relevant tablet computer for years to come!

The Tablet S is able to stream movies and music from the Cloud, offering you an incredible selection of available media works.

The Sony Tablet S allows anyone who already has an Android-powered smartphone to synergize their tablet for a powerful computing and communication’s tool.  For those looking to get away from Apple, Sony and Android present great options, with the Tablet S as the tablet computer cornerstone.


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