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Feel Sorry For Companies And Buy More (Please).

There is a troubling psychology to the business end of the technology and entertainment industries at the moment.  Both the electronics and computers (tech) sector and the entertainment industry are manipulating consumers and it is troubling how long their behavior has gone unreported. Read more »

Make Your Tropical Vacation Pictures Really Special With The Sony Cyber-shot Underwater Digital Camera!

If you are a serious vacationer, odds are you have a digital camera.  After all, if you are spending serious money on a vacation, you should absolutely get the best possible photographs of the experience.  But most people who have a good digital camera and go on a wide array of vacations are still likely to have serious gaps in their photo albums.  That gap comes from lacking pictures from underwater.  Odds are if you are a serious world traveler, you have spent many great hours in the water – be it swimming in the ocean, wading in a river or enjoying a new beach.  Given that most digital cameras cannot function underwater, it is hard to get great shots to capture your subaquatic experience.  That changes with the new Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX200V.

The Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX200V is a brand new digital camera that features an airtight and watertight shell.  Yes, one of the key selling points for this digital camera is that it is waterproof down to a depth of sixteen feet!  With controls and an interior that are protected from dirt, dust, grime and water, the Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera TX200V is ideal for shooting underwater.  The TX200V also features an 18.2 Megapixel Exmor R CMOS sensor.  In addition to being very easy to clean, this sensor provides the camera with exceptional image quality, even in very low light.  Low light image quality is especially important when you are photographing underwater and it is essential when you get down below ten feet underwater.

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What You Should Know When Donating/Selling Your Cell Phone!

Like so many industries, the consumer electronics sector has a vibrant secondary market.  Thanks in no small part to Alpha Consumers frequently upgrading and the consumer culture that fosters the mindset that this year’s new products will be obsolete or uncool by next year, the used electronics market has grown in recent years.  Buyers who are more interested in substance than style or who are simply thriftier than their peers can enjoy significant benefits from buying their electronics in gently used condition.  One of the biggest sectors in the electronics secondary market is in cell phones and smartphones.

However, just like when you are considering purchasing a used car, there are some good rules to live by when purchasing a used cell phone or used smartphone.  Both as a buyer and a seller, you should consider the following:

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Teaching Physics (Whether Players Know It Or Not): Cut The Rope Is The Logical Successor To Angry Birds!

Puzzle games are exceptionally popular among casual computer game players.  The rise of smartphones has made video games accessible to a much larger audience. Puzzle games like Hexic and Angry Birds have effectively captivated smartphone users and opened entirely new markets up in the video game industry.  But while Angry Birds has remained comparatively static – Rovio has effectively merchandised Angry Birds beyond the popular game, but not released any new expansions for some time – a new game has come to dominate the puzzle game niche.  That game is Cut The Rope.

Cut The Rope is a physics-based puzzle game similar in several ways to Angry Birds, which might be why it so easily took over the same niche.  Developed by Chillingo, Cut The Rope features bright colors and simple animation that makes it ideal for playing on a smartphone or tablet computer, where one does not need the most advanced monitor to get the most out of the game.  When Chillingo released Cut The Rope to the Apple App Store during the fourth quarter of 2010, it sold three million downloads before the end of that year!  Since its initial release, Chillingo has continued to release Cut The Rope for different video game platforms, as well as a new expansion, Cut The Rope: Experiments.

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The Only Resource You Will Ever Need When Watching Movies Or Television: The IMDb!

Have you ever watched a television show and thought an actor or actress looked familiar, but could not quite place them?  Have you ever watched an amazing movie and instantly wanted to watch everything else that director had ever filmed?  Have you ever needed to settle a bet involving the identity of an obscure character actor?  On the Internet, there is a single source for answers to all questions involving television and movies and that is the Internet Movie Database.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) is the world’s most comprehensive site for all things pertaining to film, television and (increasingly) video games, at least as it pertains to work done by legitimate actors, directors, producers and writers.  The IMDb is a powerful tool that contains both the latest legitimate news about all things in the filmed arts as well as massive archives of the body of work of everyone who has ever worked in film in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom.  The IMDb has extensive reservoirs of information for Japanese, Chinese and Indian works as well.

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Rescuecom Announces Its 2012 Computer Reliability Report

For Rescuecom’s dedicated Blog readers: An Exclusive first look at this year’s Computer Reliability Report! The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Annual 2012 Computer Reliability Report; Lenovo/IBM returns to dominance while Samsung grows significantly!

“Entering 2012, Lenovo/IBM’s rise in reliability will be an important boost for the company.  Although Apple’s market share has risen over the last 12 months, its reliability has declined. The comparatively smaller Toshiba and Samsung are illustrating interesting reliability trends worth watching over the coming year,” stated David Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM.  For 2012, Rescuecom now includes all manufacturers with a market share of at least above one percent in this report.

The Computer Reliability Report scores for 2012 are:

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Why Look At Your Pictures Small? The Sony VMC-MHC1 HD Output Cable Turns Your Camera Into An Entertainment Device!

With so many people investing heavily in better and better high definition television sets, it is getting hard to recommend new computer monitors.  For sure, if you keep your PC segregated from your HDTV, a new computer monitor is necessary.  But, if you are spending a lot of money on a fancy high definition television, many of your peripherals will interact with it.  In other words, you can get the most for your money out of both your computer and electronic devices and your high definition television by connecting your gadgets to your HDTV.  For those who have a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera, that means getting a VMC-MHC1 High Definition Output Cable.

The VMC-MHC1 High Definition Output Cable serves as an adapter for the Cyber-shot digital camera.  Designed for high definition video signals, the Sony VMC-MHC1 converts the images on your Cyber-shot digital camera into a format that your high definition television may recognize.  Because of its simple configuration, the VMC-MHC1 cable is exceptionally easy to use and requires no software to reconfigure your images.  This is a true plug and play device and it allows you to see all of your photographs on a giant, high definition screen!

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What Is USB 3.0 And What Does It Mean To You?

With all of the rapidly-changing aspects of computer technology, it can be very hard to keep up.  Indeed, for those who are casual computer users without real investment in the computer hardware industry, it was not so long ago that the USB port became the dominant interface port.  Suddenly, when you upgraded your computer and wanted to use your favorite old keyboard or mouse, you discovered there were no ports in the back of your new computer for it!  Like compact discs to records, the USB port has pretty much eliminated most specialized ports on computers.  In the world of USB ports, USB 3.0 is slowly creeping up in popularity.

But, you might be wondering, just what is USB 3.0?

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Rebecca Black Had A Pretty Awesome 2011!

The Internet is a remarkably shifty place.  Like the most clique-oriented teenagers, the Internet is home to overnight successes and equally fast crashes in popularity.  The Internet is, in many ways, the ultimate medium for those who have short attention spans.  Perhaps that is why there have been remarkably few Internet music phenomena.  The latest celebrity in music to have gotten her start from exposure on the Internet is also, arguably, the one who has gained the most from her time as an Internet phenomenon.  That person is Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black was thirteen years old when she became an Internet phenomenon with her song “Friday.”  ARK Music Factory produced the song “Friday” and its creation was a gift from Black’s mother to Rebecca.  When the video for “Friday” was released on YouTube, it languished for a month before exploding with popularity.  On March 11, 2011, “Friday” started picking up millions of hits and the song and Rebecca Black became trending topics on Twitter.  Despite having a vastly disproportionate number of “dislike” ratings by viewers, “Friday” became a legitimate Internet success when YouTube users downloaded the video over 165 million times. The video earned tens of thousands of dollars in royalties and revenue-sharing from advertising through YouTube.

But how did Rebecca Black become an Internet phenomenon and what did she do with her sudden celebrity?

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As Intellectual Property Issues Explode, Nicole Seligman Is Looking Out For Sony!

The fight over Internet security and intellectual property reached some new highs in December with the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act garnering quite a bit of press and controversy.  The debate is a classic Freedom of Speech position taken by those who want the Internet to remain independent of laws and restrictions versus protecting the business interests of large companies.  One of the big multinational companies supporting SOPA in the U.S. is Sony.  Sony’s chief lawyer is Nicole Seligman.

Nicole Seligman’s official titles are Executive Vice President and General Counsel of both the Sony Corporation and the Sony Corporation of America.  She is also the Corporate Executive Officer for the Sony Corporation and something of a celebrity in the field of corporate law.  Seligman has been vigorously fighting to protect Sony copyrights and patents for films, music, video games and video game platforms since Sony Corporation of America CEO Howard Stringer personally hired her in 2001.

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