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Selling To Businesses, Dee Anna McPherson Serves Yammer Well

Networking within a big business is becoming a pretty huge business in its own right.  The companies that are aiding big businesses with their internal communications have found a niche that they are very effectively filling.  The business networking companies continue to grow, despite the rapidly changing corporate and economic landscapes worldwide.  One of the most dynamic networking companies is Yammer.  Yammer continues to grow, in part, because of Dee Anna McPherson.


Dee Anna McPherson is the Vice President of Marketing for Yammer.  In addition, McPherson serves Yammer as the Vice President of Customer Engagement.  She has been with Yammer since May of 2010 and held the position of Vice President of Communications for a portion of 2011.  Since December of 2011, Dee Anna McPherson has been focused on creating and implementing an overall marketing strategy for the company.  Given how Yammer continues to grow, her efforts seem to be paying off!


In 1987, Dee Anna McPherson enrolled at Purdue University.  There, she studied hard and focused her attention on learning all she could about public relations and communications.  She graduated in 1991 with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Communications.  Dee Anna McPherson’s first significant opportunity to utilize her Communications degree came in 1994, when she joined the public relations team at Edelman.  McPherson was named Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Edelman, which was very impressive for someone as young as she was.


For almost eight years, Dee Anna McPherson served as Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Edelman.  However, late in 2001, Dee Anna McPherson found herself in the enviable position of being wooed by multiple companies!  Eager to expand her horizons, McPherson left Edelman for PeopleSoft, where she took the position of Director of Public Relations.  Concurrently, she joined Vitria Technology as their Senior Director of Communications.  While the position with Vitria Technology lasted less than a year, Dee Anna McPherson stayed with PeopleSoft until 2004.


Dee Anna McPherson spent less than a year away from the tech sector, working as the Senior Vice President of Ogilvy PR between her stints at PeopleSoft and the Horn Group.  Made a Partner at the Horn Group in June 2004, Dee Anna McPherson led the San Francisco office for over five and a half years.  At the end of 2009, Dee Anna McPherson decided to independently contract as a communications consultant.  By May of that year, though, Yammer made her an offer she could not refuse!


Now, Dee Anna McPherson is using her impressive communications training and experience to help Yammer grow.



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