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Creating The Platform For The Business Social Network: Kris Gale Is Cool!

The social network landscape continues to change.  With Facebook going public and changing their privacy policies and the rise of Google+, the media would almost have you forget there are any other social networks on the Internet!  Despite that perception, there are several other Internet social networks and many of them have benefits and intriguing aspects that the major social networks lack.  The differences in how the Internet social networks look, feel and operate are the result of each networks engineering department.  For Yammer, Kris Gale is the engineer in charge.

Kris Gale is the Vice President of Engineering for Yammer.  Gale ascended quickly to that role as he was one of Yammer’s original hires for the Engineering Department.  Because Yammer’s customers have very different demands for their corporate social networks through Yammer, Gale designed the platform to be flexible and easily customized to the client’s unique needs.  As Yammer continues to grow, Gale’s job is actually made easier by some of the early design and coding decisions he made for Yammer as the company’s original Director of Infrastructure.

Kris Gale began his professional career at American Express.  As a systems specialist for the credit card company in 1998, Gale quickly learned about the growing influence of ecommerce.  Gale spent over two years at American Express helping to build and refine their programs for their intranet and the Internet.  In 2000, his interest in ecommerce took Kris Gale from American Express to the Internet Commerce Group.  Kris Gale served as the Senior Systems Engineer of the Internet Commerce Group for four years.  In that capacity, Gale refined his knowledge of the programming side of both ecommerce and Internet privacy.

His experience at the Internet Commerce Group made Kris Gale a very attractive potential employee to  Oversee hired Gale as Senior Engineer and with his experience and leadership abilities, Kris Gale soon moved up to Engineering Manager.  After almost four years, Gale left Oversee to become the Senior Engineer for the much smaller company, Geni.  Gale served as Senior Engineer of Geni for less than a year before Yammer executives approached him about managing their new engineering department.

Kris Gale’s tenure as Vice President of Engineering at Yammer has been noteworthy for his creative approach at motivating and inspiring his engineering team.  His department at Yammer is a meritocracy, so those who innovate and create consistently are the ones who succeed at the company.  To inspire such creativity, Gale hosts an annual Hack Day for the employees of Yammer.  This gives them the chance to play with code and create and then present their functional, esoteric and often silly applications and alterations to Yammer to the main staff at Yammer.

With his creativity and extensive experience across many network platforms, it is hard to imagine a better Vice President of Engineering for Yammer than Kris Gale!


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