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Now Live, Vizify Allows You To Create A Single Social Profile!

The notion that each person wears many different masks in the course of their lifetime and in different groups, is a very old idea.  How you interact with other people and what you choose to show one group of person in your life changes based on very old social mandates and ideas.  With the rise of the Internet and the subsequent explosion of social networking sites, you put quite a bit of information about yourself online every year.  Unfortunately, all of that information may create a much jumbled view of who you are and may be mixed in with information about other people who happen to share the same name as you.  Now there is a new site that has the sole goal of helping you create a single, focused, online profile that collects all of your disparate elements in one place.  That site is Vizify and it is very cool.


Vizify is a new social networking platform that does not seek to usurp the traditional social networks like Facebook, nor does it want to compete head-on with Google+.   Instead, Vizify allows you to organize the content from your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social network sites into one super profile where you can highlight the aspects of your personality and profession that you most want to share with other people.  The idea is that when you send people to your Vizify profile, they will have easier access to all of the content about you on the Internet.  Because you create your Vizify profile, this allows you to highlight the social content that is most flattering, while burying content that is the opposite.


After signing up for a Vizify account – much like you would for any social network – you provide Vizify with your identification on any social networks to which you belong.  The Vizify platform then begins to make connections and presents you with an uber-profile to which you may contribute unique information.  With its simple graphic layout, Vizify provides individual information nexus points for your work, education, and photos.  If you are a prolific contributor to online discussions, especially on social networking sites you have linked to through Vizify, your Vizify profile may contain an easy-to-comprehend graphic of subjects that interest you, which you then are able to share with visitors to your Vizify profile.


Vizify also allows you to control which photos you have shared to the Internet become immediately associated with you.  By utilizing Vizify, you may insure that a prospective employer sees a professional-looking photograph of you, as well as your education and job history, instead of a risqué picture of you from a night you went out with friends! 


Vizify just came out of Beta testing, but now that the site is live, it is re-energizing the on-line social experience.  This may be, in part, because the large graphic interface makes it very easy to set up and use Vizify on mobile computing devices, like tablet computers.  With its comprehensive editing and presentation tools, Vizify allows you to create a model social profile that will impress everyone in your life.



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