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In the midst of the worldwide recession, as companies like Facebook prepare to make billions of dollars overnight, there are still some websites devoted to giving on the Internet.  The giving sites are attempts to remind people who have Internet access that they live in a land of (comparative) plenty and that no matter how bad your problems are, there is someone, somewhere in the world, who has it much worse than you do.  You have the ability to help others at minimal cost to you.  That is the philosophy behind, which is arguably the coolest giving site on the Internet! is a website that challenges visitors to donate to worthy nonprofits – 501(c)3 groups – each and every day (if at all possible).  The site has a very simple design and exists, not to make money for itself, but to raise money for charities most people have never heard of.  In order to encourage donations on a regular basis, only allows donations from $1 – $10.  The site’s founder hope that by limiting the amount of the donations, you will be encouraged to come back each day because giving was not that difficult the day before!  On the other end of the equation, founder Mark Wilson hopes to conclusively illustrate that many people doing a little bit each day adds up to a lot.  By having many people pooling a fraction of their resources, they may still do a great deal of good.

That notion of charity is a compelling one and makes it very easy to donate.  When you go to the website, you will see the story of the charity of the day.  For example, the site will inform you that for $1, you can purchase a replacement lens for people who suffer from cataracts.  The charity, the Himalayan Cataract Project, performs eye surgery for $20 to patients who need cataract surgery.  Twenty dollars will help another human being see well enough to live better and for $1 you can supply the vital hardware needed to make that surgery happen!  That is the exact type of information provided by

When you decide to donate to the cause of the day, there is a button at the top with a toggle on it.  With the default value of $1, you may toggle the donation button up to $10.  When you have picked the amount you can afford to give, simply press the “Give” button and prompts you to take you to your PayPal account.  With two clicks, you may confirm your donation and the charity of the day gets your donation (less PayPal’s cut). takes nothing and you get the benefit of feeling like you did something good!

Tomorrow, there will be another worthy 501(c)3 nonprofit group that could use your attention and donation and will have it vetted and ready for your consideration. makes giving easy and cool.


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