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A New Take On An Old Game, The XAPPR Gun Helps You Risk Your Smartphone!

In the late 1980s, there was a popular game called Laser Tag.  Despite the controversies about it at the time, Laser Tag was remarkably popular with young adults who enjoyed the technology and the physical activity the game required.  As a precursor to paintball, Laser Tag was a safe way for young people to run around shooting one another for live-action play.  Players had a laser sensor and a laser gun.  The object of the game was to shoot your opponent three times (as registered by changing lights on their sensor each time they were “hit”) with the laser gun . . . before they shot you!  Young people played Laser Tag in buildings, woods, and fields, both during the day and at night.   Now, Metalcompass, Ltd. is updating Laser Tag with some new twists with their XAPPR Gun!

The XAPPR Gun is a new handheld gaming controller from Metalcompass, which is in the shape of a futuristic laser gun.  Actually, the gun looks like a cross between a police radar detector and a 1960s science fiction film prop.  The controller has a curved handle, under which is a bright orange trigger.  The barrel of the controller looks like a futuristic pistol with ribbing and a laser diode at the front.  On the sides of the barrel, there are speakers.  The top of the controller has ports and that is part of what makes the XAPPR Gun special.

The XAPPR Gun is not a self-contained game, like Laser Tag was.  Instead, you connect your smartphone to the ports on the top of the XAPPR Gun.  After installing the game apps to your Android, Apple, or Windows OS smartphone, you just need to attach your smartphone to the ports on the XAPPR Gun controller.  Your smartphone, then, acts as a screen that allows you to play more active first-person shooter games!  This is a remarkably clever marriage between smartphone video game technology and live-action play and Metalcompass, Ltd. deserves a lot of credit for that.

It remains to be seen whether or not smartphone users will flock to the XAPPR Gun, as Metalcompass, Ltd. is asking consumers to risk their smartphones (which still tend to cost in the two hundred dollar or more range) by attaching them to a $30 controller.  But the XAPPR Gun is just cool enough to make the risk worthwhile!


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