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Keeping Patriot Competitive In A Crowded Market: Mai Kosla Succeeds!

You might think, given the sheer volume of portable devices and portable memory options, that marketing flash drives and other memory products would be exceptionally easy.  Nothing could be further from the truth, though.  With so many available options, consumers frequently become confused or simply buy the least expensive option that is right before them.  Few companies know how complicated a business it is to effectively market new memory products.  Since 1985, Patriot Memory has been delivering quality computer storage devices and flash drives.  As Patriot looked to the crowded marketplace, the company knew it had to make some changes.  That was when they promoted Mai Kosla! Read more »

The 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF Is A Powerful Video Memory Card!

Anyone who has enjoyed the recent advances in high definition digital video technology knows there are two issues that frequently stymie video enthusiasts: battery life and video memory card storage capacity.  Batteries running out of power are a real downer, but when your power supply is uninterrupted, you may easily make long, memory-intensive videos that quickly fill up your video memory cards.  To avoid that, you need a video memory card that has great capacity and is durable.  Easily meeting those criteria is the 64 GB CombatFlash685 CF memory card. Read more »

Cloud Storage On Google Is Here With Google Drive!


If you are not hip to all of the latest trends in the tech sector, there are some exciting new technologies and services of which you should be aware.  While technology is changing rapidly, there are some new trends that appear to be here to stay and that you may well want to utilize.  One of the big emerging markets is Cloud storage.  Cloud storage is like a storage locker or a safe deposit box for your files; you transfer your files and documents to a special site on the Internet and they are, theoretically, protected and are available to you from any computer device you use.  The latest major Cloud storage service is Google Drive. Read more »

The State Of Your Cloud (New Options Are Here! Old Systems Are Revised!)

Technology, as you know, changes exceptionally fast.  It seems like just last year that Cloud-based services were just appearing on the Internet!  Now, Google is releasing its personal Cloud service and, in advance of that, the competitors who got the jump on Google are revising their services to remain relevant.  Some of the well-established personal Cloud services may be changing the services you have come to rely upon!  Some of the most significant changes are coming to the following: Read more »

Girls Get In On Flash Drive Fun With Hello Kitty MIMOBOT Flash Drives!

Girls are an often neglected demographic when it comes to the technology sector.  Most major manufacturers have not figured out how to market computers and computer accessories to girls.  Even so, computers are especially important to girls, both for education and emerging career opportunities.  Some companies are trying to make an effort to match computer products with neglected demographics of girls.  Mimeco seems to have successfully marketed toward girls with their Hello Kitty Loves Animals BLOTz Blind Box MIMOBOT. Read more »

Innovating Well Ahead Of The Market, Michael Schuette Is Incredible!

One of the things that very few people consider when they talk about the economic downturn in the world today is how it affects emerging technologies.  When consumers do not have the financial resources to continue spending on luxuries, developing technologies stall.  Unfortunately, technological development does not occur in an economic vacuum; the reality of financing demands that great ideas be developed into potentially profitable products.  Few people know how an amazing idea may be crushed by the demands of sweeping economic movements the way Michael Schuette does. Read more »

An Impressive Solid-State Drive, The OCZ Vertex 3 SATA III Delivers!

For those who are not tech savvy, there have been some important advances in data storage in the last few years.  Arguably, the most important development is the development and mass-production of the solid-state drive.  Solid-state drives are like computer hard drives, except that instead of storing data on an electromagnetic disc that spins, the data is stored in integrated circuit assemblies. Solid-state drives are quieter and more durable than traditional hard drives.  USB flash drives are a popular and prevalent form of solid-state drive.  What you may not know is that now there are solid-state drives you may use to replace your hard drive in your PC!  One of the best solid-state drives on the market is the OCZ Vertex 3 SATA III 480 GB solid-state drive! Read more »

The Flash Survivor USB 3.0 USB Flash Drive Helps Your Data Survive Just About Anything!

There are a so many exceptionally cool USB flash drives.  As USB flash drives evolve from the standard USB 2.0 to USB 3.0, it is interesting to see how companies are promoting the newer technology.  As usual, some companies are highlighting fun and collectability with their new USB 3.0 flash drives.  Corsair, the manufacturer of durable computer accessories, is going an entirely different way.  With the Flash Survivor USB 3.0 32 GB USB Flash Drive, the company has created the most solid, damage-resistant USB flash drive yet! Read more »

For When You Need A Serious Digital Reference, 2012 Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD!

Wikipedia is, it might not surprise you to learn, not considered a valid reference by the vast majority of those in academia.  Because just anyone can write or edit the articles on Wikipedia, they are often inaccurate or imprecise.  Fortunately, there are other resources that educators consider authoritative, even digital resources that are like Wikipedia.  One of the most comprehensive, authoritative sources students may use as a reference tool is the 2012 Britannica Ultimate Reference DVD!

  Read more »

The Most Secure USB Flash Drive Makes The Ironkey Flash Drive Ideal!

There are so many options when it comes to USB flash drives that it is hard to decide what factor one ought to prioritize when choosing a flash drive.  There are so many options for those who want their USB flash drive to reflect their personality.  For sheer volume of information, Victorinox now offers a 1TB flash drive and many other flash drives appeal to consumers based upon their fast data transfer speeds.  But what about security?  When it comes to security, no one beats Ironkey for USB flash drives!

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