Apple Tops Q3 2009 Reliability Report

Apple Tops Q3 2009 Reliability Report

December 7, 2009:

RESCUECOM Announces Top Five of 2009's Third Quarter Computer Reliability Report

Apple and IBM/Lenovo leap ahead of Asus to grab the top two spots this quarter.

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Dec. 7, 2009 - While Asus captured the number one ranking in both the first and second quarters this year, RESCUECOM's third quarter Computer Reliability Report has Asus dropping into third position. The two manufacturers out-ranking Asus and all other manufacturers in the latest Computer Reliability are Apple and IBM/Lenovo , with Apple capturing the top spot. In previous Reports, Apple and IBM/Lenovo have consistently remained among the top three; with Asus falling from the leader position in the third quarter, indicating a higher need for computer support, it is not surprising that these two manufacturers were next in line for the top spots.

"This is what we were waiting for on Asus, whether or not their reliability score would be maintained," says David A. Milman, RESCUECOM's founder and CEO. "Now that many of the netbooks by Asus have been out for a while, there is obviously a higher need for service."

RESCUECOM defines computer reliability as the quality of the components and software used in manufacturing the computer, as well as, the quality of

computer supportthe manufacturer provides to the customer after the sale is finalized. RESCUECOM's Computer Reliability Report was developed to obtain factual, unbiased data to determine the reliability of today's major name-brand personal computers. Milman explains, "Reliability shows up in two areas first the quality of the components, hardware and software used to build the pc, and second the quality and availability of after sale manufacturer support."

RESCUECOM calculates the reliability score of a manufacturer in a simple unbiased calculation. The number of computers an individual manufacturer ships is weighed against the number of computer support calls RESCUECOM handles for that same manufacturer. These nationwide numbers are recalculated each quarter and the higher the score, the greater the reliability.

Milman remarks on how customers can use the information gathered in the Computer Reliability Report to their advantage: "This holiday season is going to be a season to share technology gifts; RESCUECOM provides this report to help customers across the nation make educated choices when purchasing technology, whether for home, business or gifts."

The top five competitors and their computer reliability scores for the (3Q) 2009 are as follows:

1. Apple (374)
2. IBM/Lenovo (320)
3. Asus (166)
4. Toshiba (165)
5. HP/Compaq (134)

The following data was used to calculate reliability scores for the Computer Reliability Report, 3Q 2009.

Manufacturer               U.S. Computer                RESCUECOM                Computer
                                    Market Share                  Computer Repair         Reliability
                                    (percentage of Share     (number of                   Score
                                    computers shipped)        service calls to
                                                                           1-800-RESCUE-PC (1-800-737-2837))         

IBM/Lenovo                 3.8 %                             1.2 %             320
Asus                          2.3 %                             1.4 %             166
Toshiba                      7.9 %                             4.8 %             165
HP/Compaq                 24.9 %                           18.5 %            134

Data Source: IDC

RESCUECOM provides homes and businesses with 24/7 computer repair and support. RESCUECOM meets every tech support need, including data recovery, virus removal, wired and wireless networking and support for all brands of hardware and software. "When it comes to your technology, we hook you up!" For information on products, services, and computer repair, visit or call 1-800-RESCUE-PC (1-800-737-2837).

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