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What are Fitness Trackers and What Do They Mean to You?

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For many people, consumer technology often goes hand in hand with entertainment, as people listen to music, watch videos and play games on their computers, smartphones and tablets frequently.  For others, consumer tech is synonymous with work as they spend most of their time on computers in Microsoft Office or answering emails on their phones.  However, a new type of consumer technology has seen significant growth in recent years, and it fits neither of these typical categories.  Fitness trackers use motion-tracking technology and the web to help people get in physical shape. 

People do not traditionally associate exercise with technology, but fitness trackers have made a serious dent in the industry and are continuing to grow in popularity.  Generally, these products measure the results of people’s workouts by keeping track of statistics such as heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled and more.  The trackers then save this data and make it possible for people to access it on their phone or computer whenever they want.   With access to the details of how effective their workouts actually are, people can utilize fitness trackers to strategize and find better ways to stay in shape.  If people have problems accessing the data from their tracker on their PC, they may have to call a computer repair provider for assistance.

The vast majority of fitness trackers fit around people’s wrists when in use.  Companies designed them to be non-intrusive and similar in size and shape to a wristwatch.  There are fitness tracking devices available from major tech companies like Samsung, athletic companies like Nike and even smaller startup companies such as Fitbit.  While most fitness trackers are simple in appearance so that people will not notice them, there are versions with special colors and designs for those who want to make a fashion statement out of using the device as well.  Generally, most fitness trackers operate wirelessly, so people do not have to plug them into their computers to update their statistics for the day.  Anyone who has issues with their fitness tracker data updating might have a wireless connection problem that requires help from a network support provider.

Fitness tracking has become a big enough industry that some companies are trying to offer a cheaper alternative by creating fitness tracking apps for the iPhone and Android devices.  These tracking apps can be a good alternative, but they are not as convenient as physical fitness tracking devices since they require the constant handling of a smartphone during exercise routines.

So what do fitness trackers mean to you?  They mean that you have an opportunity to get better data to work from when you want to get in shape.  If you are the type of person that will use the sort of data that fitness trackers provide to change and improve your daily routines in order to stay fit, then these devices could be a great boon to your life.  Fitness trackers’ popularity could also mean that you will be seeing more mobile technology around you when you go to the gym than ever before in the coming years.


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