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Selling The World On Medical Technology, Dale Johnson Continues To Make A Difference!

No matter how the tech sector skyrockets and falls based on consumer electronics and computer sales, the medical technology field is one that is constantly innovating and growing.  While one might be able to live without the latest iPhone or tablet computer offering, medical professionals need the latest scanning and imaging devices and computer-driven gadgets in order to save the lives of their patients.  Medical technology is essential to longevity and living a good life.  Few people know that as Dale Johnson does!


Dale Johnson is the Director of International Distribution for Milestone Scientific, the makers of (among other things) the CompuDent Instrument.  Johnson has held that position since April 2010 and his abilities to manage people and sell products have been a real asset for him as Director of International Distribution.  Dale Johnson came to Milestone Scientific with extensive experience in the medical technology field and he has more than lived up to the company’s expectations for him.


In 1982, Dale Johnson graduated from Brigham Young University.  Armed with his Bachelor’s of Arts in Organizational Communications, Johnson went to work for Pfizer as a Medical Service Representative.  For almost two and a half years, he honed his sales techniques as a representative wholesaling products to doctor’s offices.  In addition to meeting his sales quotas during his tenure with Pfizer, Dale Johnson was the company’s rookie of the year his first year.  In October 1984, Johnson left Pfizer to work for competitor, Glaxo.  That move would be an important one for Dale Johnson as he stayed with Glaxo – in different positions – for over eleven years!


As Dale Johnson rose from the Field Sales Division to a Hospital Representative at Glaxo, he went back to school in San Antonio.  In 1986, he earned his first Master’s Degree – in Human Resources Development – from Webster University.  A year later, Johnson graduated from Webster University again, this time with his MBA in Business.  In July 1989, Dale Johnson was promoted to Division Manager of Glaxo Caribbean and over his two years in that role, he doubled Glaxo’s sales from $13 million to $26 million!  Johnson was serving Glaxo as the International Manager of Dermatologicals in September 1995 when Apex approached him to work for them!


In April 1996, Dale Johnson took a position as Executive Vice President at Apex Communications, where he managed over one hundred employees working for the medical communications company.  Just shy of five years with the company, Dale Johnson made a lateral move to DOBI Medical Services, where he worked for almost three years.  At DOBI Medical Services, Dale Johnson worked hard to promote an important technology used to diagnose breast cancer.  With his success at aiding the start-up, Johnson was eagerly hired by MedLearning to be an Executive Vice President.  For the almost five years immediately prior to Milestone Scientific hiring him, Dale Johnson served Zila Pharmaceuticals as their Vice President of International Business.


Now with Milestone Scientific, Dale Johnson is continuing a tradition of excellence by selling medical technologies to the professionals who save lives every day.



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