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Bringing Tech To The Medical Sector, Carol Gibbons Runs CJ Consulting!

Some of the best, most audacious, ideas come from people who are in a position in an industry to see just how wrongheaded the state of that industry is currently.  While some people who witness the faults of an industry complain about the problems or simply leave that industry, the real heroes of business are the individuals who rise up to change that industry.  In the medical and health care industry, one of the leaders working for real reform is Carol Gibbons and a large component of the changes for which she fights is making medical technology more accessible to smaller medical outlets!


Carol Gibbons is the CEO, President and co-Founder of CJ Consulting.  For almost a decade, Carol Gibbons has run CJ Consulting, which has been working to reform the health care industry.  A key tent pole in the company’s strategy has been bringing contemporary medical technology to outlets and offices that have not been able to keep up with the times.  Gibbons’ initiatives also focus on modernizing the computer systems used by medical practitioners to allow them to more easily take advantage of standardized billing practices.


From 1969 to 1973, Carol Gibbons attended Texas Woman’s University.  There, she earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing.  As an RN, Carol Gibbons was very marketable and with her skill level, she was soon wooed by some of the most prestigious medical outlets in the United States.  Chief among the sites at which she worked was the Maryland Health Care Company, where she served as Chief Operations Officer.  While in Maryland, Carol Gibbons guided the largest for-profit nursing and rehabilitation center in that state.  At every step in her career from registered nurse to COO, Gibbons learned about the intricacies and complexities of the medical profession . . . from both the scientific/medical perspective and the business track.


So, after thirty years in the medical profession, Carol Gibbons took her extensive experience and founded CJ Consulting.  Moving back to Texas, she found that one of the biggest deficits in the health care field was in getting medical technology and supplies to local practitioners.  So, Gibbons set about to strengthening the bond between medical technology vendors and doctor’s offices and hospitals.  One of the guiding principles of CJ Consulting has been that by improving the business practices of medical practitioners, it frees them up their time for focusing on patients.


Carol Gibbons, through CJ Consulting, has consistently worked to improve the state of the medical profession in the United States by improving the relationship between the health care industry and medical technology suppliers and that makes her very cool!



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