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Making Spongecell Work: Blythe Dunham Has The Skills!

Any number of good ideas will fail when you do not have the right people in place to execute them.  As online advertising becomes increasingly competitive, Spongecell CEO Ben Kartzman knew that in order to compete with giants like Amazon and Google’s Adsense, he needed a staff that was both creative and could execute complex ideas.  For the computer proficiency Spongecell needed to compete in a very tight market, Kartzman turned to Blythe Dunham!

Blythe Dunham is a Cofounder of Spongecell and the Principal Architect for the Internet advertising firm.  Dunham has extensive education and experience credentials that made her an obvious asset for a venture like Spongecell.  As a 2000 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S. in Computer Science, Blythe Dunham illustrated her amazing abilities by earning her Master’s of Science in Software Engineering only three months later with a perfect 4.0 GPA!  Armed with her degrees, Dunham went to work for Siebel Systems as the Lead Software Engineer in the company’s Handheld CE and Core Engineering department.

While working for Siebel Systems, Blythe Dunham gained a real-world mastery of programming for handheld computer devices. That skill was essential to the interests of Spongecell.  Because many Spongecell clients would want their online advertising to appear and be functional on smartphones and tablet computers, Spongecell needed a programmer who was an expert in the programming frameworks of portable computer devices.  The concept appealed to Dunham and she left Siebel to help establish Spongecell in 2006.

At Spongecell, Blythe Dunham built most of the infrastructure for the Spongecell software.  As significant, Dunham pioneered a program that provided Spongecell clients with analytics that were both precise and accurate to the minute!  The level of detail in her work has helped to make Spongecell successful.  Working on Rails, Blythe Dunham has pioneered new techniques in scalability for Spongecell clients, making her something of a superstar in the programming world.

While Blythe Dunham is an essential part of Spongecell, she eagerly looks for the next big programming challenge.  For a year, she helped Z2Live with Cloud deployment and other software issues and in 2010, she spent six months consulting for other software firms.  Always eager to share her knowledge, Dunham is a frequent speaker on the tech lecture/tech convention circuit.

Well-rounded, creative and talented, Blythe Dunham is the ideal architect for creating digital frameworks to solve any programming problems!


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