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Keep Your Mind Sharp With Isanaki Sudoku

With mental health disorders on the rise, it is no surprise that more and more people are looking to computers for solutions.  In the case of Alzheimer’s Disease and several other dementia-based illnesses, doctors frequently advocate keeping your mind active especially in advance of an affliction.  In other words, those who keep an agile mind have the best chance of preventing and coping with many forms of dementia.  To that end, many doctors recommend Sudoku and if you use your computer excessively, Isanaki Sudoku might be the best tool you can download today!

Sudoku is a number puzzle with very simple rules.  You play Sudoku in a grid of nine squares by nine squares.  In each three block by three block segment of the larger grid, you must place the digits 1 through 9.  However, you may only use each digit once per line and column.  Each board includes a random selection of digits already in the grid and you must use deductive reasoning to place all of the remaining numbers in the grid.  Sudoku promotes manipulative thinking that challenges the intellect and pleasure centers of the brain.  Moreover, because each puzzle is different, you continue to stimulate your brain each time you play.

Isanaki Sudoku is a computer-based version of Sudoku.  As freeware, the program is instantly available as long as you have an internet connection.  Isanaki Sudoku is a challenging program that provides players with the ability to select a difficulty level and it generates the boards accordingly.  Less difficult levels of Sudoku begin with more of the grid filled; more advanced players must start with fewer digits already present in the grid.  In addition to being able to generate hundreds of different Sudoku boards, the game’s publisher TGMDev provides a solution function.  This allows you to have an “answer key” for each game in case you get stuck or are playing with a child and wish to help them out.

What sets Isanaki Sudoku apart from every other Sudoku program is that it features greater game flexibility.  Isanaki Sudoku generates standard numerical Sudoku boards as well as Wordoku boards.  Wordoku boards use letters instead of numbers. If your goal is to keep your mind agile, using Isanaki Sudoku’s Wordoku function may shake up the game for you as you play more.  In addition to switching the difficulty level, playing Wordoku when the numerical version of Sudoku becomes more familiar may keep your mind agile.

The flexibility of Isanaki Sudoku is not just limited to the difficulty and style.  Unlike some Sudoku programs, Isanaki features a print function as part of its interface, making it easy to print out Sudoku grids.  The ability to print out the Sudoku grids allows you to keep stimulating your mind as you may then disconnect from your computer or play after your laptop’s battery is exhausted!

As you age, keeping your mind sharp is exceptionally important.  Isanaki Sudoku can be an integral part of keeping your mind agile and healthy.


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