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Isabel Pesce Mattos Is Taking A Broad Approach To Changing The Tech Sector!

While there are many different types of people who are drawn to the tech sector for employment, there are only two types of leaders in the tech industry who have the ability to change the tech sector forever.  The most common industry leader is one who discovers a problem or idea within the tech sector to which they devote time, energy, capital and other resources to filling a niche or rectifying a problem.  For sure, many of these successful entrepreneurs reach a level of success where their company must diversify to continue its growth, but most leaders who change the tech sector do so by starting with a very narrow focus.  The other type of tech sector visionary is one who gets their hands into just about everything and tries to make an impact in many different ways.  Isabel Pesce Mattos is the latter type of tech sector visionary!

Isabel Pesce Mattos is currently an advisor for the emerging Internet and media company Flikdate and a Sandbox Ambassador for the Sandbox Network.  She is also the CEO and Co-Founder of Talenj, a company that makes and designs websites.  She co-founded Tisk-Task and is still active in guiding the software company.  Believe it or not, having four active jobs is not the most Isabel Pesce Mattos has had on her plate at one time!  Isabel Pesce Mattos is exceptionally active and engaged with a number of business interests and social causes and she has lived that way from virtually the moment she graduated high school until now.

After graduating from Brazil’s Colegio Etapa high school, Isabel Pesce Mattos came to the United States to study at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology!  From 2006 – 2010, Isabel Pesce Mattos attended both MIT and MIT’s Sloan School of Management.  Illustrating just what an overachiever can do, Isabel Pesce Mattos earned two Bachelor’s degrees – one in Management with a minor in Economics, the other in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics.  While she was studying and earning two degrees, Isabel Pesce Mattos worked both on-campus and off.  At MIT, Isabel Pesce Mattos served as an Analyst working to improve the Sloan School of Management and she wrote code at MIT’s Media Lab aimed at developing a new personal communications device.  Simultaneously, she worked as an intern for Microsoft and raised over $100,000 for the MIT Alumni Association!

While some might expect that a student who had such an ambitious first year of college would burn out, Isabel Pesce Mattos did not slow down for her tenure at MIT.  Instead, she co-founded a company to bring water to needy portions of Africa, took internships at Microsoft, Deutsche Bank, and Google, and co-founded two other tech companies!  With an almost unprecedented success rate to her endeavors, Isabel worked through 2011 at various tech enterprises while returning to MIT to earn her Masters of Science in Computer Science within the year!

The author of a book that was published in 2012, Isabel Pesce Mattos is quickly turning into one of the leading entrepreneurs of the next generation.


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