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Invest In Your Future! iDomains May Be Your Nest Egg!

Breaking news about Apple!  The Domain Name Wire is reporting that control of seven domain names that use brand product names in the URL were given to Apple today.  Individuals and companies purchased sites like and prior to the release of the iPhone 4S and had been bringing visitors to racy sites.  Apple, presumably, objected to this because they do not want any URL with their product name associated with sex.  What Apple is hoping those paying attention to this story will not notice, though, is the history.

Apple has usually paid to get back the domain names associated with its products.  Yes, back in 2007, Michael Kovatch sold to Apple reportedly for a million dollars.  Similarly, a Swedish company that held the domain name sold the domain name for $4.5 million dollars to Apple in 2011.  The Swedish company that owned the domain is a computer support company that utilizes Cloud-based technology.  What both domain names had in common was that the purchase of the domain name radically predated the invention by Apple that necessitated Apple’s interest in the domain name.

One need not be an Apple genius to see the potential here.  If you can guess the next big Apple product’s name, you stand to make millions of dollar for a minimal investment.  The cost of a domain name registration for one year is approximately $12.  If you accurately guess the next big Apple product name, you may have a real cash cow in your portfolio!

The World Intellectual Property Organization mediates disputes over domain names, which is how Apple received control of the domain names today.  However, by purchasing a domain name and putting up your own content in advance of Apple creating a product with the same name, you actually have more of a right to it!  After all, Apple does not have the intellectual mandate on putting “i” before other popular words. To strengthen your claim to the domain name you buy, you should establish a website there that illustrates a legitimate business function, like online storage or sales of a product that you tie to your domain name.  Then you have to wait for Apple to be as creative as you are!

So, will the next big leap be the imac3 ( is still an available domain name)?  Clearly, Apple does not want to have to pay more for these domains than they have to – which is probably why is not available – but they can only cover so many bases before their efforts seem ridiculous or unprofitable.  And for the cost of $12/year, the potential gain is less of a risk than playing the lottery for those who are creatively inclined.


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