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Mike McCue Wants to Improve Social Media and News with Flipboard


Flipboard is a tablet application for iPad and Android that aims to improve the user experience for consuming social media and news.  Mike McCue, the CEO of the company, founded Flipboard in 2010 alongside iPhone engineer Evan Doll.  He branded the app as a “social magazine”, which collects information from a person’s many different social media accounts and specific news sources and places it into a magazine aesthetic for the user.  Users can then quickly flip through the digital pages of their personalized magazine to take in all the information from their media and news feeds in a single place.  This is opposed to the traditional web format of news and social media, which usually involves vertical scrolling and does not consolidate and organize your data the way Flipboard attempts to do. Those who have interest in Flipboard but are struggling with the app should find iPad support for help. McCue has lead Flipboard to great success since founding it.  He has helped to make the application one of the most featured and prominent on both Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems.

While Flipboard has been a very successful venture, it is hardly McCue’s first foray into the world of technology.  McCue worked at Netscape in the 1990’s, where he was the director of advanced technology.  When AOL purchased Netscape, McCue left to found another company named TellMe Networks.  TellMe was an early pioneer in Internet networks for voice communication.  Eventually, Microsoft acquired TellMe Networks and integrated the company’s technology into their systems and infrastructure.  Microsoft paid $800 million for TellMe Networks in 2007.  McCue stayed with TellMe after Microsoft acquired the company and worked as the division’s general manager before leaving in 2009. Clearly, McCue has had plenty of experience in the technology business.  It’s certain that McCue’s previous experience has helped him make Flipboard the success it has become.

McCue also invests in other technology companies besides his own.  In 2007, he invested in a company called Crowd technologies, which also focuses on utilizing social networks to create software products, much like Flipboard.  He also invested in digital yearbook creator TreeRing in 2009.  McCue clearly wants to help other companies achieve the success he has had over the years in the technology industry.

Flipboard is now also available on mobile phones as well as tablets.  If you need help installing the app on your smartphone, contact iPhone support at any time.


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