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DiggersList Provides People with an Online Market for DIY Home Improvement

People talk about the sweeping changes the Internet has made to global culture very often.  Most people cite the way the Internet has changed media sales, retail, and the consumption of news.  However, one less obvious, but very real, cultural shift that the Internet has contributed to is the growth of the DIY (“do-it-yourself”) movement in society.  The Internet’s ability to spread information virally has led to the creation of thousands of how-to videos, detailed blogs and tutorials about home improvement projects. The web has even seen the rise a subculture centered on “life hacks”, which are micro-sized DIY concepts people design to make life more convenient.  DiggersList is another cool product on the Internet that feeds into this growing cultural emphasis on DIY projects.  DiggersList is an online classifieds page for home improvement enthusiasts who would rather recycle and reuse old materials than buy expensive new pieces of furniture. Anyone can use the DiggersList site once he or she creates an account and those who have trouble making an account can seek online tech support assistance to determine the problem.  

DiggersList provides an easy place for people from everywhere to sell different home improvement items.  These items range from complete furniture to hardware supplies to doors and windows.  This cool product presents customers with a means to sell and swap the items they need for their own DIY projects.  Users get items more cheaply than they would spending money on new equipment, which makes it possible to save even more money on DIY home improvement than usual.  All postings on DiggersList must include full details and photographs so all users know what they are exactly getting with every sale.

Another major aspect of DIY culture is creativity, which includes breaking down old items to make new ones or restoring old worn items and repurposing them.  DiggersList encourages these types of projects by hosting a blog on their site that highlights particularly successful projects and cool DIY trends found on the Internet.  This feature allows users to become inspired as they search through what is available on the site to start new projects.  Any users who have trouble accessing the blog should call home computer support to get help with their technology.

DiggersList is a cool product that feeds into an existing subculture on the web.  Hopefully, this startup can produce enough value to its user base to stick around for a long time to come.


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