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Apple and Samsung Are Leaders in Reliability This Holiday Season – RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report 2014 Q3

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RESCUECOM’s 2014 Q3 Computer Reliability Report results are in, just in time to allow you to compare tech devices before buying on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. With all of the deals on technology this time of year, you want to make sure to get the best device you can for your money. Whether you are looking for a computer or a tablet, RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report will give you all the information you need to make the right purchase. Even if you are looking to buy a device for someone else this holiday season, RESCUECOM’s convenient reliability grades will help you choose the perfect fit. Read more »

Samsung Regains the Number One Position in the 2014 Q1 Computer Reliability Report

RESCUECOM released the results of the computer reliability report for the first quarter of 2014 today.  The report revealed that Samsung has once again risen to the number one position in the reliability rankings.  In the previous reliability report, Amazon debuted in the number one ranking with an extraordinarily high reliability score.  While Amazon managed to maintain a strong score this quarter, the company could not keep the top spot in reliability.  Instead, perpetual top performer Samsung once again became the most reliable computer manufacturer on the market according to the study. Read more »

RESCUECOM’s Reliability Report Adds Tablets to its Data and Illuminates Trends

There has been a major shift in consumer purchasing behavior in the personal computer market over the last two years.  Traditional desktop and laptop PCs, have seen significant decline in year-over-year sales.  In the first quarter of 2013, there was an 11.7% year-over-year drop in shipments for the traditional PC market in the United States.  Meanwhile, US tablet shipments grew 49.6% year-over-year in the same quarter.  These statistics show an important shift for consumers towards mobile computing.  These numbers also made Rescuecom’s decision to include tablets as part of the RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report for Q1 2013 that much easier.  It’s clear that many users are choosing to take their computing mobile with tablet purchases.  It would be foolish to ignore this trend. Read more »

The Rescuecom Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report

The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Second Quarter 2012 Computer Reliability Report, which has Samsung taking the gold! Read more »

Rescuecom Announces Its 2012 Computer Reliability Report

For Rescuecom’s dedicated Blog readers: An Exclusive first look at this year’s Computer Reliability Report! The results are in for RESCUECOM’s Annual 2012 Computer Reliability Report; Lenovo/IBM returns to dominance while Samsung grows significantly!

“Entering 2012, Lenovo/IBM’s rise in reliability will be an important boost for the company.  Although Apple’s market share has risen over the last 12 months, its reliability has declined. The comparatively smaller Toshiba and Samsung are illustrating interesting reliability trends worth watching over the coming year,” stated David Milman, CEO of RESCUECOM.  For 2012, Rescuecom now includes all manufacturers with a market share of at least above one percent in this report.

The Computer Reliability Report scores for 2012 are:

Read more »

RESCUECOM Releases Q1 2011 Computer Reliability Report

The results are in for RESCUECOM’s first Computer Reliability Report of 2011, Lenovo claims the top spot!

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Jun. 6, 2011 — RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report reveals the top five manufacturers with the best overall computer reliability.

“There have been some interesting changes over the last 3 months. We are in a time of rapid technical change and consumers more than ever need to have up-to-date unbiased guidance.” stated David Milman CEO of RESCUECOM.

The Computer Reliability Report gives an unbiased summary of the most reliable personal computer manufacturers. The top five brands with the best overall reliability in Q1 2011 are:

  1. IBM/Lenovo (254)
  2. Asus (242)
  3. Toshiba (164)
  4. Apple (149)
  5. HP/Compaq (122)

Read more »

Rescuecom Computer Reliability Report – 2nd QT 2010

What is reliability?

When it comes to manufacturing a reliable computer, it means more than just putting together something that works.  It’s about putting together a computer that holds up and functions well over the long haul.  It’s about providing computer service when that computer doesn’t hold up, and about ensuring that a customer gets the fixes they need to get up and running again. Read more »

How Apple Can Fix Its Image

In RESCUECOM’s Annual Computer Reliability Report, Apple ranked as the most reliable company in terms of computer repair and computer support.  In 2010’s first quarter report, Apple slipped to number three, but earned higher reliability scores.

Until the recent issues with the iPhone 4, Apple’s image has been one of reliability, high quality computer support, and quality computer repair.

Apple has scheduled a press conference for tomorrow to discuss the iPhone 4, giving itself a chance to restore that image.  Read more »

RESCUECOM Reveals 2010 1st quarter Computer Reliability Report

The results are in for RESCUECOM’s 2010 first quarter Computer Reliability Report, IBM/Lenovo claims the top spot, Apple drops to third!

RESCUECOM’s Computer Reliability Report starts out on a high note in 2010, with all five leading manufacturers putting up superior reliability scores to last year’s averages.  Apple, last year’s overall leader, improved its reliability score, but that still wasn’t good enough to maintain the top spot in the first quarter of 2010; instead Apple dropped to third place.  IBM/Lenovo decidedly took first place improving their score over 200 points from their average last year.  Not to be forgotten, Asus also posted significant gains and took second place.  Rounding out the top five were Toshiba and HP/Compaq, respectively.  As 2010 progresses it will be interesting to see which manufacturers can maintain their gains and which ones may fall due to increased need for computer repair. Read more »

RESCUECOM’s 2009 Second Quarter Top 5 Computer Reliability Report



RESCUECOM’s 2009 Second Quarter Top 5 Computer Reliability Report
ASUS, followed by APPLE and IBM/LENOVO, lock in the top three spots

SYRACUSE, N.Y., Aug. 18, 2009 — The ASUS brand of personal computers is still holding its own, ranking highest in the latest RESCUECOM Computer Reliability Report. For the second time in a row, results have shown ASUS to be the newest leader in reliable personal computers. RESCUECOM’s 2009 second-quarter assessment ranked ASUS in the number-one slot, followed by APPLE and IBM/LENOVO, which locked in the number two and three spots, respectively. Top ranking brands would likely require less computer repair than those that rank on the bottom. Read more »

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