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When You Want Quiet And Efficient, The Element Series 750 W Power Supply Delivers!

For far too long, computer enthusiasts who build their personal computers from the motherboard up have had issues with the power supply.  The power supply is an absolutely vital piece of equipment for a computer; it is what transforms and delivers the electricity from your wall socket to the circuit boards and delicate components inside the computer.  But, manufacturers of computer power supplies have often asked users to tradeoff between efficiency, silent running, and reliability.  Finding an excellent balance between energy efficiency and near-silent operation, the Element Series 750 Watt power supply is a good investment for those building their own computer. Read more »

Keeping Your Monitors Clean: Digital Innovations’ ScreenDr!

For those who still use personal computers and who enjoy full-screen high-definition televisions, it is hard not to see your monitor as a significant expense.  The money you spend on a monitor or high-definition television is not a small amount and, odds are, you want to protect that investment.  Unlike mobile computing devices like smartphones and tablet computers, no one has yet innovated a screen protector for full-sized screens that has captured the interest of consumers.  As a result, you have to clean your high definition monitor and that is where ScreenDr comes in! Read more »

A Stylish And Cool Laptop Cooler, The Cryo LX!

The bane of laptop computers is overheating.  No matter how laptop computer manufacturers work, they have not created a laptop computer that keeps the internal components cool enough to allow them optimal functioning conditions.  While laptop computer fans have been manufactured to run quieter than they used to, often laptop computers need an additional cooling device.  One of the most stylish laptop computer coolers is the Cryo LX aluminum notebook cooler. Read more »

Power Felt Is An Intriguing Emerging Techology!

Environmental awareness has become an important factor in all areas of society.  There has been a great deal of research into developing environmentally beneficial or responsible technologies. Researchers at Wake Forest University in South Carolina are concerned with creating green technologies. That is one reason why they have been developing a new method of harnessing heat energy to convert into electricity. Power Felt is the first breakthrough that the researchers have developed to create cleaner, greener, and more sustainable energy. Read more »

The iGo Arctic Cooling Pad Works Hard To Keep Your Laptop Computer Cool!

So far in computer technology, there remains one enduring truth about laptop computers.  It seems no matter how advanced laptop computers become, they all warm up and get so hot that one either needs to cool the laptop off quickly or risk damage to the chips and drives within.  Unfortunately, that means that almost immediately after investing in a new laptop computer, you are likely to need to buy a cooling peripheral.  Given that this is a pretty necessary expense, you might as well go with one of the best cooling products for laptop computers.  The Arctic Cooling Pad is a great way to keep your laptop computer cool!

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Making Power Supplies Cool: XION High Performance Party Edition Power Supplies!

It is hard to think of a less cool part of the tower computer than the power supply.  For sure, every computer needs a power supply, but the tower computer power supply has traditionally been dark, functional and blockish.  Peripheral manufacturer XION is changing that, though, with their High Performance Party Edition line of personal computer power supplies!

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Every new computer comes with at least a free trial of one of the many popular security scan programs. People recognize that security scan programs are important and tend to not take the time to fully read something that appears to be one of them, but which is in fact a scam, because they are afraid of getting a computer virus. By not reading everything that pops up on the screen, many people unknowingly infect their computers with malware and viruses. Many scams pretend to be legitimate security programs by telling you that you are unprotected or have a virus already, in order to gain access to your computer.

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The History of Tablets 1 – Before the iPad

The idea for tablet computers began much earlier than most people realize. The iPad was by no means the first tablet computer; there have been tablets widely available for sale since 1989. They have ranged widely in functionality and design, but tablets are not a new thing.

As the first in a series of three blogs centering on the history of tablet computers, this blog will focus mainly on the first tablet-like devices that relied on computers for their functionality. The second and third blogs will focus on the self-contained tablets of the last few decades and the rise in popularity they are currently experiencing.

The first tablet-like computer device was created in 1964 and it was called the RAND tablet. The RAND tablet was basically a square sensor in the middle of a wooden board. It came with an attached stylus and cost $18,000. The stylus and sensor system replaced the keyboard for the computer it was attached to and software was developed to make the RAND tablet recognize handwriting.

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Smartphones That Survive Underwater

Would you like to use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop underwater? That would be cool, but it is not yet possible. Soon, however, you will not have to worry about getting your mobile computing devices wet. HzO is a company that is devoted and its resources to finding a way to prevent water damage from destroying communication devices.

According to the HzO website, this dream began because of a tragic death. A young man fell overboard from a barge and died because he could not get either his cell phone or his radio to work after they had been in the water. If the phone or radio had been treated with HzO’s new WaterBlock coating, that young man might have lived.

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The EON17-X Laptop Is An Impressive Replacement For Your Desktop Computer!

The computer hardware landscape is a surprisingly dynamic one, with innovations frequently changing the marketplace abruptly.  There was recently a parody of this principle in the advertising for a major electronics retailer in which consumers are dismayed when the product they just bought is made obsolete almost instantly.  Given that most chip manufacturers already have product lines planned for the next decade, the volatility of the market is surprising and there are measures that can be taken to minimize the chances that what you buy today will be unusable within three years.  To preserve your sanity (and your wallet!), sometimes, it helps to buy the best, most cutting edge equipment.  In the case of laptop computers, your best bet might well be the EON17-X.

The EON17-X laptop computer is a powerful laptop computer with a number of versatile options.  Built by Origin, the EON17-X utilizes some of the most advanced hardware on Earth to provide a superior computer, especially when compared to most big box stores.  For example, one of the processor options for the EON17-X laptop computer is the Intel Core i7-3930K processor, built upon the advanced Sandy Bridge technology.  Sandy Bridge is one of Intel’s most advanced chip designs available to the consumer market.  The fact that the EON17-X employs today’s cutting edge technology virtually guarantees that this laptop will remain usable and relevant for all programs for the foreseeable future.  Right now, it delivers incredibly fast results for complicated programs and graphics rendering.

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