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Locish Helps You Feel Like a Local When You’re Traveling

When traveling, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice of places to eat, stay, or spend time.  This is especially true if you’re particularly unfamiliar with a certain city or area.  Cool product Locish helps tourists deal with this common problem by requesting the direct help of local experts.  Locish is an iPhone application that connects travelers with local residents to ensure the travelers make good decisions about what to do in a certain city.  Users ask for recommendations directly in the app, uploading their specific questions to the Locish database.  The company’s recruited team of local experts then go through questions and provide recommendations on what to do.  Locish’s network of locals can help users choose restaurants, bars, clubs, tourist attractions, museums, hotels or any place at all that you might find yourself in while on vacation.  Locish uses interactions with real people to get its customers recommendations rather than rely on a mathematical or computational solution.  While this means users won’t always get responses immediately, the responses they do get will be more personal and likely more helpful.  Anyone who has trouble posting questions on the app can get help from a smartphone tech support company.

Locish doesn’t give its users recommendations in a vacuum.  The team behind the product wanted to address issues concerning people’s different tastes and needs when traveling.  To address this, Locish asks several questions about a user’s personal opinions and preferences directly after the app opens for the first time.  These preferences are visible to Locish’s local experts, who take them into consideration when making recommendations.  Locish also asks those who sign up to become local experts about their personal tastes and preferences so they can match up the most compatible users and experts.  The company pays experts when their recommendation gives a user a positive experience.

Locish is available for both iPhone and Android currently.  Interested users can download the app from either the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.  People who can’t download the Locish app from their respective app store may want to have an Android repair or Apple repair company see if there is something wrong with their phone’s wireless receiver.


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