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Micah Baldwin Makes Digitally Publishing Comics and Children’s Books Simple

EBook publishing grows significantly as an industry every year.  More and more companies have begun to offer direct publishing options and eBook conversion tools for authors and publishers.  However, these services, such as the popular Smashwords, focus almost entirely on standard prose eBooks.  With tablets and smartphones getting better displays all the time, the industry needs similar publishing services and conversion tools for graphical publications.  Cool Person in technology Micah Baldwin is filling that role with his company Graphicly.

Baldwin has built a service that handles the conversion and digital distribution for comic books, graphic novels, children’s books and even photography publications.  Artists and authors simply upload their book once and Graphicly converts it into multiple distribution formats for both the web and mobile.  Baldwin’s company then distributes the graphical eBook to several different online marketplaces as well, including Amazon’s Kindle bookstore, Apple’s iBooks store, and the Google Play Store. Readers who have trouble downloading books for their mobile devices on any of these marketplaces should speak to someone for mobile tech support.

Baldwin doesn’t stop there with Graphicly.  He and his team even give users tools to track their sales across all digital platforms.  Users can avoid having to check their sales numbers on multiple sites, potentially saving themselves immense amounts of time. Artists and publishers can easily check their totals from all marketplaces using one online tool. Authors who have difficulty accessing their online sales-tracking tools can ask online computer support for help.

Baldwin himself has had a long history with successful tech and Internet startups.  Before Graphicly, Baldwin had been involved in six different startups, helping them grow though his marketing and business development expertise.  Baldwin also serves as a mentor for Techstars, a program that fosters early-stage startups, helping them find investment and networking opportunities.  On top of everything else, Baldwin runs his own blog called “Learn to Duck” where he writes about his experiences as an entrepreneur.

Baldwin’s company has converted and distributed graphical eBooks for multiple major comics publishers including Marvel, Image, and IDW.  Graphicly makes their tools and services accessible to everyone from major publishing corporations to independent authors.  This has increased the size of their market and helped their business achieve impressive growth.  Clearly, Baldwin is a cool person in technology who knows what he’s doing as he expands his business in the growing graphical eBooks industry.


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