Slight Shift in Some Problems, but Little Change

Slight Shift in Some Problems, but Little Change

2017 Midyear RESCUECOM Computer Repair Report

July 17, 2017

Does your computer suffer from malware, constant crashes, problems accessing email, or just general sluggishness? These are just a few of many potential problems you may face. Use this computer repair report to help reduce frustrations with your technology.

The most common computer repair issues in 2017 rank as follows:

1Windows OS33.9%
2Windows Application22.7
3Virus/Spyware/Malware/Pop-Up Ads10.5
4Email Trouble6.6
5Running Slow6.2
6Printer Issues6.1
7Data Recovery4.4
8Internet Connectivity4.3
9Computer Fails to Boot3.5
10Hardware Problems0.6
11User Caused0.6
12Mac Applications0.4
13Phone Problems0.3
14Mac Applications0.2
15Mac OS0.1

Windows Applications

Windows apps are the biggest problem this year due to buggy Windows 10 updates. While Microsoft fixes the errors, they still cause problems and frustration. Fortunately, Microsoft allows you to easily uninstall any problematic Windows updates on your PC.

Windows OS

For Windows OS issues, utilize system restore and create restore points.

Virus/Spyware/Malware/Pop-Up Ads

Viruses, spyware, malware, and pop-ups are nearly unavoidable when using the Internet, so you must always keep Internet security software paid for and updated.

Email Trouble

Most email problems include forgotten passwords. Write yours down and keep it in a safe, readily available place.

Running Slow

A slow computer is usually either due to a lack of free hard drive space or malware. Limit programs opening upon startup, uninstall files and programs you no longer use, and delete junk files.

Printer Issues

Printer issues are often as simple as loose cords or unplugged machines. Reinstalling the USB will typically solve printer problems.

Data Recovery

Often a hard drive failure requires professional data recovery services. Smart users backup their hard drives to the cloud; vital data can be lost permanently with a severe issue. OneDrive by Microsoft is a good free option.

Internet Connectivity

Is your Internet connectivity problem with your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? If not, reboot your modem and router. Unplug the power cord, wait 30 seconds, plug it back into the modem and router. The Internet light should turn green.

Computer Fails to Boot

Fatal system errors with Windows 10 are usually because of software or drivers crashing when a bad or buggy Windows update is loaded. Your computer will restart automatically and give you the option to roll back to a previously saved restore point.

Hardware Problems

Hardware problems are faults in physical components. These include a broken screen, mouse or keyboard, a damaged power cord, and many more, typically due to normal wear and tear or cheap computer components. It is often worthwhile to buy better quality.

User Caused

Other than forgotten passwords, these often include damage resulting from careless acts like spilling a drink or dropping a phone, tablet or laptop.

Phone Problems

Having the most current operating system on your Android or iOS device and having your apps update automatically will help greatly to prevent security concerns.

Mac Applications & Mac OS X (Macs are not immune to problems)

Mac users face the same problems as PC users, though much less frequently overall. Mac apps can slow down performance, but they are exceptionally easy to uninstall and doing so will usually alleviate this issue. Be wary of third-party applications from the Apple store and poorly reviewed apps, and only download those that are Apple-approved.


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Rescuecom and Anthony resolved all my issues in a fast and corteous way. My self not being computer
...Rescuecom and Anthony resolved all my issues in a fast and corteous way. My self not being computer savvy Rescuecom made it easy for me to follow along. I'd recommend Rescuecom to anyone , Thank you so much guys! less
Richard Winter
in the last week
All went well and quick Got rid of some programs did not need
...All went well and quick Got rid of some programs did not need less
Lorraine Marshall
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I love these guys...super easy, super fast! Lorraine
...I love these guys...super easy, super fast! Lorraine less
Wilfredo Gaitan
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Thank you Rescuecom for being a life saver in helping me recover data that I thought was a total los
...Thank you Rescuecom for being a life saver in helping me recover data that I thought was a total loss. The Remote Technician worked with me for hours getting the important files that were important to me back and save to another hard drive. I am now protected on the desktop and I know I have someone to count on to help me with my computer needs and technology challenges. I highly recommend Rescuecom to anyone thinking about getting the service.The service was very executed over a weekend and the technician performed flawlessly until the problem was resolved, less
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