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You Need My Guy for Service Provider Recommendations From Friends

When a pipe breaks on a cold winter day, you know you need a plumber, but which one? You would prefer a plumber a friend recommends, but how do you find that information quickly? You Need My Guy steps up to fill this void.

Joe Cassara, founder and CEO of the Rochester, New York-based website, told RESCUECOM that You Need My Guy is “bringing word-of-mouth to the web.” Founded in 2011, You Need My Guy is just launching in 2013.

“I want answers to questions I don’t want to ask,” Cassara continued. You Need My Guy is the platform for those answers. Other ways to find service professionals exist, such as the yellow pages or googling, Cassara mentioned, but you do not find out your friends’ favorites. People list areas of expertise on LinkedIn, but the field is “so crowded, you can’t make any sense of it,” Cassara added.

You ask on social networks, but then you hear about brothers-in-law, who might get offended if you never call them. Cassara envisioned and created a system in which we get recommendations from a friend, although the friend might not know it at the time.

In this electronic age, an important service provider to know is a reliable computer professional for immediate computer support for electronic devices.

Register on the website, link a social network and list various professionals that you recommend, such as a landscaper, computer repair company, photographer or golf coach. Include their contact information and social network links. When you need a service, search by guy or profession and find out which companies/service providers your friends use.

When your computer experiences a problem, get computer repair to keep your computer ready to check the You Need My Guy website for professional services.

Cassara gave the example of buying his wife some jewelry. Using his site, he could see what jewelry stores his friends have used, without tipping anyone off about the gift, especially his wife.

A basic account is free, for the average person to create a profile and search for recommended service providers. The next step up is a premium account, allowing unlimited photos and videos within the profile. This costs $45 for six months (buy three months, get three free). It also provides better search result contact options, profile analytics and social media boost. A corporate account adds training, more social media service and a partner press release.

“We’re building a module making it an option to return a premium account in the search results,” Cassara explained.

You Need My Guy is spreading out from Rochester with brand evangelists in various cities across the country and internationally. These brand evangelists will receive commissions on premium accounts in their area.

Now it is easy to keep track of all the guys you might need someday.



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