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Ringya Keeps Group Members in the Loop

Most phone address books are just a list of names and numbers. The free iPhone app Ringya organizes your smartphone contacts into meaningful groups, called “rings.” This can be very helpful if you have to reach parents of your child’s teammates about a postponed game or inform work colleagues when you are late for a meeting, for example.

“As professionals and parents, we’re inundated with contact lists – our office directory, work teams, our kids’ class lists, sports team rosters and membership lists from clubs and associations,” Gal Nachum, Ringya CEO and co-founder, told RESCUECOM. “Ringya is the first and only app that gets these contact lists onto your phone in a snap.”

Launched in September 2012 by Gal Nachum, Kobi Hecht, Arie Gofer and Yoram Goren, Ringya has offices in Israel and the United States.

It is easy to create rings. Just take a photo of and upload your list or email it to Ringya and the searchable list will appear on your phone. Share any ring with other members. When anyone on the list adds or changes information, everyone on that list receives the update. This method beats inputting each person one at a time, although you can add names and details manually.

In addition to the name, you see how you know each person. For a children’s sports team, each listing states that this is the mom or dad of a particular team member. You can send a message quickly to any one person, selected people or everyone in one of your rings. Messages can be calls, texts or emails.

The more rings you store in your smartphone, the more important it is to seek immediate iPhone repair when your phone is not in good working order.

The caller ID feature is especially helpful to jog your memory. “And with Ringya’s contextual caller ID, you’ll know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world (e.g., Jane Smith, Billy Smith’s mother, Oak School 2nd grade or John Bailey, sales manager, Axiom Project),” Nachum noted.

Ringya says it accomplishes all this through innovative technology that provides contextual contact management and advanced data capture, while preserving security for all information.

Some other groups that would make useful rings are family, college friends, clubs or committees. Someone else in the ring may have contact information for that long-lost cousin or friend, so you benefit from that information you would not have otherwise.

Losing your rings of phone contact information signals an emergency. Contact computer experts for data recovery possibilities.

An Android version of Ringya is in the works.

Let technology do the busy work of assembling electronic phone rings, while you concentrate on your busy life.



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