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Participate in Your Own Health Care With the Scanadu SCOUT

With the rising cost of health care, anything people can do to assist in their care should help. One device that will help people keep track of their vital signs is the Scanadu SCOUT. It tracks blood pressure, temperature, heart rate and other numbers, using a free smartphone app, and should be available by the end of 2013 for about $150. Products like SCOUT will help promote consumer health awareness.

Scanadu refers to the device as a “doctor in your pocket.” Currently the Scanadu app is for the iPhone only, with plans for Android in the future.

Walter de Brouwer, Scanadu CEO and co-founder, informed RESCUECOM, “We want to take all the parameters of an emergency room and put them in your smartphone. This not only saves time and money, but also empowers the consumer with accurate information about their health and enables them to have a more educated conversation with their doctor.”

Based in California, Scanadu began in 2010. The idea came to de Brouwer after a family member had a medical emergency.

Your doctor should educate you about what ranges are normal for you. If you can monitor your vital signs with the SCOUT, you will have an idea when something is wrong and can visit the doctor for advice then.

Hold the SCOUT up to your temple and in about 10 seconds, your vital signs numbers appear via Bluetooth on your iPhone. The phone stores your readings for comparison.

“By logging your health over time with Scanadu, you will create what we are calling a healthfeed,” de Brouwer stated. “It is from this feed that you will learn about your individual averages, highs and lows, and be able to analyze your own body. This data will become meaningful and actionable.” 

For people with a chronic disease, the Scanadu SCOUT will be a valuable monitoring tool. It is essential to have your iPhone working to take daily readings, so remember that computer professionals, such as RESCUECOM, are available 24 hours a day for iPhone repair.

Scanadu is vying for the Qualcomm Tricorder X prize of $10 million, which will reward a portable, wireless device that records health data and makes diagnoses. The company is also participating in the Nokia Sensing X Challenge, a competition in digital health care.

Another Scanadu product is Project ScanaFlu, which tests saliva to see if cold-like symptoms may indicate strep, flu or other ailments requiring treatment.

The third product is Project ScanaFlo. It tests for pregnancy complications, urinary tract infections and some kidney issues. These disposable cartridge products should be affordable and also incorporate a smartphone for readings. Both of these products should also be available within the next year.

The Food and Drug Administration is reviewing the products.

If a Scanadu product detects a virus in your body, consult with your doctor to cure it. For a virus in an electronic device, contact skilled computer technicians for virus removal.



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