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Clipped Presents Article Summaries to Save You Time

Too busy to read all the latest news articles about subjects that interest you? Save time and keep up with what’s going on in the world with Clipped. This app turns complex articles and documents into easily digestible bullet points for the smartphone. Clipped claims it can summarize anything for faster, more efficient reading.

Clipped, founded by a teenager in Cupertino, California, calls itself a combination of “content discovery and content consumption.” Search for the keywords of topics you want to follow and use Clipped on the articles presented for a targeted summary.

“Clipped is a summarization algorithm that can grammatically analyze text to extract the most important information from it,” Tanay Tandon, Clipped’s 15-year-old founder and CEO, told RESCUECOM. “We have an iOS app, Android app and web app that allows users to read news articles in a more efficient way, and keep up to date with the world’s happenings.”

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“Clipped is unique in the sense that the algorithm focuses on grammatical trends,” he continued, “so it can be applied into larger documents, research papers and even books. I’m a high schooler, and Clipped has been an awesome journey.” 

The summarization algorithm, using natural language processing, is patent pending. Besides the mobile apps, there is a Chrome plug-in and a bookmarklet that works in other browsers, to summarize web pages. Tandon got the idea for Clipped when trying to read the text of debates faster. He thought this method would be helpful for other students, too.

Using statistics and keyword analysis, Clipped finds the most important text to analyze and recap. It also acts as an editor and goes over the summary to ensure it makes sense. Click on a summary to share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The Clipped API enables people to add Clipped’s abilities to their own websites. In addition, Tandon invites developers to see what they can do with the idea. This is where he eventually hopes to make money.

For the future, “I plan on extending Clipped to the world of research documents and larger scale books,” Tandon added. “In this way, Clipped can hopefully enter the enterprise market, and make studying/research a lot faster. Clipped has made my own research process a lot faster, and I hope to extend that to everyone in the field.”

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Tandon has already participated in the eight-week Teens in Tech Incubator and apparently, has learned a lot.



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