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Share Files More Easily With the Xsync App

If you want to transfer a file to a friend’s smartphone from yours, there are various ways to do it. You can email or text a file to someone. Bluetooth and near field communication (NFC) technologies use hardware to accomplish transfers. A new system, called Xsync, makes transfers even easier. It “beams” files using software, not hardware.

Xsync’s patent-pending technology Optical Message Service (OMS) transfers files between smartphones using already existing technology – the smartphone cameras and the black-and-white QR codes. OMS converts the file you want to send into a QR code. The person receiving the file does not even need to have Xsync, just a smartphone that reads QR codes. Xsync has a free iOS app now, with an Android version to come.

The company responsible for Xsync is iDar LLC in Seattle, Washington. Daniel Shimshoni, co-founder, told RESCUECOM the idea behind Xsync. “I wanted an easier way to send the pictures on my phone to my friends and family around me.”

Not wanting to spread germs, the co-founders were hesitant to use Bump, the app that enables two people to share files by touching phones.

You do not even need to know the other person’s email or phone number to share using Xsync. “Sending multiple pictures via email or SMS on a mobile device isn’t user-friendly,” Shimshoni continued. “I wanted a way to send pictures without having to type.”

Share photos, videos, music, contact information, even divide up a restaurant bill and pay your part with PayPal. Xsync uses either WiFi or your cell phone’s Internet connection to operate, so charges may apply, depending on your phone plan.

If you have trouble using your iPhone, get iPhone support from experts before sharing files through Xsync.

Xsync says that file transfers through its encrypted systems are secure, so only someone you allow to scan a file’s QR code can receive it. Each code expires after a limited time. “Xsync is an electronic handshake, with interoperability and simplicity being its most important features,” Shimshoni noted.

Make sure all your Internet browsing is as secure as your Xsync file transfers. Have a reliable computer specialist check your Internet security protection.

Although designed to share with a person physically near you, Xsync also will transfer a QR code representing a file by email, text or scanned via Skype. The file sits in Xsync’s cloud, where the receiver’s device picks it up.

Xsync would like to see its technology on every smartphone in the future.

Now that sharing is so easy, start beaming photos to your friends and family.



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