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HeartDecide App and iBooks Help Patients Make Smart Decisions

People with a heart condition often have many questions about how it will affect their lives and what treatments can help them. A free iPhone and iPad app, called HeartDecide, can help answer some of those questions.

Orca Health, located in Sandy, Utah, released the HeartDecide app in July 2012. To update the app, the company has partnered with the well-respected Harvard Medical School to produce interactive iBooks to give patients more information about their heart conditions or procedures. Each book costs $4.99. The first four available book topics are angina, angioplasty, atherosclerosis and cardiac catheterization.

“These are the first of our multisensory learning products designed in collaboration with Harvard to provide a new, smarter and more effective way to help patients with their health care decisions,” Matt Berry, founder and CEO of Orca Health, told RESCUECOM.

HeartDecide shows a 3D model of the heart and how the heart changes when various heart conditions are present. Another feature is the ability to find a cardiac specialist practicing near you.

“It’s a fact that patients do better and are more satisfied when they fully comprehend their condition,” Berry continued. “Mobile devices provide a new and vastly improved patient information experience. The multisensory learning found in Orca Health apps deepens understanding and improves health care decision-making.”

The app is available for iPhone and iPad, while the books work on iPads.

Now that people use iPhones to keep up with their health as well as their social lives, immediate iPhone repair is necessary whenever a phone problem arises.

Other heart-related book topics expected to appear soon are bypass surgery, mitral valve prolapse, sudden death, atrial fibrillation, heart failure and heart attack, as well as a new anatomy video.

As teachers have long known, using multiple senses to absorb information increases retention. Interactive media can present written and audio material, with the opportunity to look at 3D and other visual representations. You can even touch where it hurts to learn what that could mean.

These new patient education tools should save time and money for both health care teams and patients.

These patient education tools depend upon the consumer understanding how to use the app with the greatest efficiency. To get the greatest benefit from this health care app, consumers may need computer support.

The first of Orca Health’s 12 apps was SpineDecide, followed by EyeDecide. Others include DentalDecide, KneeDecide, FootDecide and ENTDecide.

The more people know about their medical condition, the risks and benefits of various treatments and procedures, the more likely they are to make good health care decisions.



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