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Store and Share Virtual Books With Ownshelf

Thanks to Ownshelf, it is now easy to store your eBooks in the cloud and share them with your friends on most types of tablets and readers (Kindle support is not available at this time). You can access your stored books on a reading device wherever you are. Ownshelf lets you create a virtual bookshelf for safe storage of your digital library.

Currently a free service, Ownshelf launched its open beta in mid-December. It seeks feedback from users in its early stages for future upgrades.

Rick Marazzani began Ownshelf to make it easier to share eBooks among his family members. The company is located near San Francisco, California.

“My vision is to replace the physical bookshelf with a virtual one for eBooks,” Marazzani, founder/GM of Ownshelf, explained to RESCUECOM. “In our homes, we show off the books we love, and share them with friends. In the eBook age, we are missing this. Ownshelf lets you show off and share your favorite eBooks, and browse those of your friends.”

By friends, Ownshelf means your real Facebook friends, so you can share through Facebook. When these friends use Ownshelf, you can browse their shelves and borrow some books.

Shared books must be in the open epub format. Only eBooks without Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection qualify for sharing through Ownshelf. Most Amazon and Barnes & Noble eBooks have DRM protection and are not eligible for sharing in this way. In the legal section of its website, Ownshelf asks users not to share eBooks protected by the intellectual property rights of others.

To show how it works, Ownshelf has set up some public shelves. The books offered there are all in the public domain or legal to share through Creative Commons rights.

Ownshelf stores your eBooks safely in the cloud, so you will always have access to them. To protect important business or personal files, have a reputable computer company, such as RESCUECOM, keep a copy in its secure online storage. You can access your stored files at any time through your own electronic devices.

“Our ultimate goal is to create better connections through the books people love,” Marazzani said. “Friends will learn more about each other through book recommendations. And even authors will be closer to their readers by sharing their favorite books, free copies of their earlier works, and promoting early previews of upcoming books.”

If you received shareable eBooks this holiday season, start your own Ownshelf virtual bookshelf, so you, your family and friends can enjoy reading them.

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