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Unison Provides a Social Network for Business Productivity

If office projects bog down, Unison Technologies offers a new business social network tool, called Unison, to help. With Unison, employees can more easily network to increase office productivity. Unison’s functions enable employees to communicate more quickly than with scheduled conference calls and emails within the company, whether people are in the same or different physical locations. Since they know the progress on projects, team members feel more like part of the team.

Within this social network, “Unison divides posts into different `rooms’ – spaces where you can talk about different topics or projects in your company,” Rurik Bradbury, co-founder and CMO of Unison Technologies, related to RESCUECOM. “This allows users to separate different activities in the company into their own spaces, without a jumble of noise about all different subjects.”

Employees create a secure virtual room for each ongoing project. Some rooms are open to all employees. Specific project rooms admit only those working on that project.

Easy to set up, the standard Unison package is free for Macs, Windows and iOS. There is an enterprise (paid) version where a company administrator controls the room. This version also features more storage per user.

“Unison is different in that it lets people talk live via voice or video,” Bradbury stated. “Unlike traditional social networks, which are about posting text and pictures, Unison can make these rooms `live,’ so you can hear and speak to all the other people who are looking at this space at the same time. It’s a very different approach to social networking inside a business.”

In a project room, employees can share documents, graphics and recorded voice messages relating to the topic at hand and communicate in real time. The messages can be to everyone or any selected people. It’s even easy to chat with everyone in the room, a spontaneous conference call, with just a click. When there is an important project update, everyone involved receives an alert and can come to the virtual room.

Participants can be at any office location, working from home or on the road. A company can allow clients or partners into a project room and control how they take part.

Businesses using Unison cannot afford to have malfunctioning computers when employees need to share project information. Office network service is only one service computer professionals, such as RESCUECOM, provide.

“With Unison, we’re aiming to provide something unique and different,” Bradbury added. “By cutting out the noise of earlier generation social networks, we let businesspeople focus on what’s important: the projects they’re working on and the results they need to achieve.”

Even if people using Unison are in different time zones or countries when they have computer questions, office computer support is available from RESCUECOM around the clock.



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