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Sit or Stand While Working at the XTensionDesk

Two problems facing our sedentary, computer-dependent society are repetitive motion injuries and obesity. The XTensionDesk tackles both at once. It is a computer workstation that enables you to sit, stand or even recline while working on the computer. Change your position from time to time to help avoid problems.

High Point Wellness Concepts LLC of Issaquah, Washington, is developing the ergonomically designed XTensionDesk. The company says this is the most important work space innovation since the cubicle. “It adjusts from sitting to standing in seconds and fits over 95 percent of the population,” Craig Dye, founder and CEO, told RESCUECOM. “It is all manual to save electricity and maintenance. The XTensionDesk will counterbalance up to three flat panel monitors out of the box. It even comes in orange!”

To pay for manufacturing the desks, Dye is using vertical crowdfunding. This method relies on many small businesses to back the product. He is offering 300 discounted XTensionDesks to health care professionals, such as physical therapists, occupational therapists and chiropractors, to resell to patients. These professionals often see patients with repetitive motion injuries who could benefit from using the XTensionDesk. The requested deposit is $400, with a total pre-order cost of $900 for health care professionals. The suggested retail price is $1,500.

Anyone interested in this more comfortable and beneficial computer seating arrangement can pre-order a desk, whether a health care professional or not.

Now in its fourth-generation prototype, the XTensionDesk has already received about 20 percent of its fundraising goal after the first two months, according to Dye.

If the computer sitting on your XTensionDesk stops working, you do not have to! Contact experts for immediate computer repair.

It is difficult for people to establish healthier working-position habits when traditional office furniture offers few options. If you suffer pain or discomfort from sitting in the same position all day, an XTensionDesk could help.

Widespread use of the XTensionDesk could contribute to lowering health care costs. Obesity causes a host of other expensive health problems.

“The real problem is this: We are shackled to our computers for our jobs,” Dye explained. “Our work spaces are static. That makes us static. But the human body has over 600 muscles and 200 joints; we’re made to move! Until the computer is a part of our body, the XTensionDesk will be the healthiest way to link them. Let’s get moving!”

Businesses providing XTensionDesks for employees understand the importance of paying attention to the human and technical office factors. Office network service from reliable providers keeps the electronic devices working smoothly.

Technology has solved many problems, yet has also caused health problems from constant computer use. The technology at work in the XTensionDesk is one way to improve this situation.



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