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Simplify Hiring With HiringSolved Software

When your business needs to hire someone quickly, how do you find appropriate candidates? HiringSolved aims to relieve staff members from going through piles of resumes and researching candidates on social sites. With more than 68 million candidate profiles available, HiringSolved does the research for you. All you have to do is choose the candidate who best fits into your organization.

Shon Burton, HiringSolved co-founder, explained the idea behind his company to RESCUECOM. “We’re Google for talent. Our goal is to find and curate every resume and social profile that exists and make that data easily searchable.”

Founded in 2011 and launched in September 2012, HiringSolved is located in Chandler, Arizona. “Our starting point is to make recruiters in high-pressure environments more efficient,” Burton added. “That’s why we’re unique. We’re the fastest way to find talent.”

The software recognizes employment-related data (resumes vs. soup recipes, for example) from many sources and through a fast, complex process, matches a name to the correct resume, Twitter or LinkedIn account and other mentions. It then compiles a complete profile for the person, according to Burton. “We leverage every modern technology tool we can to help us accomplish this,” he noted. “So far it’s working great!”

HiringSolved supplies candidates for businesses looking to hire to keep them operating efficiently. In a similar way, computer specialists, such as RESCUECOM, offer office computer support to keep electronic devices running smoothly.

Defining a person’s online identity is a new concept. There is so much available data to digest and summarize. How can you use it in a practical, effective way? The HiringSolved system, tested and approved by recruiters and other sources, can solve that predicament and present hiring clients with the relevant information for their needs.

Employers looking to hire can filter the HiringSolved candidates by type of job, location or required skills, for example, to find people matching the job requirements. HiringSolved presents candidates with pertinent qualifications and functional contact information. Through the Similar Search tool, the system can find resumes similar to one with the desired attributes.

Easily move 1,500 resumes at a time by simply dragging and dropping to use the HiringSolved tools on your own collection of resumes.

Make sure your business computers are always ready to check job candidates through HiringSolved. Computer professionals, such as RESCUECOM, can provide periodic maintenance and computer service.

HiringSolved’s basic plan, using uploaded data only, costs $99 per month. Other plans are available, with an unlimited number of searches at the pro or executive levels, for higher monthly fees.

Although HiringSolved software pulls together the online details of each candidate’s background, we still need humans to verify the facts or determine if people are exaggerating their qualifications.



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